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The FloorCraft Report: Pry bars, Pull bars and useful tools for removal & installation projects
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Published Monday, March 4, 2013, The FloorCraft Report serves as a buying guide for prospective buyers looking for an ideal starting point to support their independent research prior to buying pry bars and pull bars for flooring-related projects; be it a residential home, a commercial establishment or an industrial facility.





We did not exclude listings for plank stapling tools, wood roto wedge spacers, hinge board pushers, hardwood pry bars, close-to-wall staple tools, staple set tools, knuckle head pull bars, variable spacers, plastic spacers, tapping blocks and floor vises from this report, as they are the tools that provide do-it-yourself consumers and professional installers, literally in a pinch, with the space they need to finished the installation. We are confident that one (1) of the specialty tools suppliers below has what you need to complete your flooring project. 



Hopefully, these alphabetically listed, suppliers are helpful to those in the market: pry bars, pull bars and inventive tools for flooring installation projects:


Artillery Tools:

Artillery® Pry Bar System:

Joseph R. Skach


10260 SW Hoodview Drive, Tigard, OR 97224-4726
Toll Free: 866-968-2108

Phone: 503-968-2108

Mobile (Cell): 503-330-2822

Fax: 503-968-2858

Email Address (Joe's):

Email Address (Office's):



This Portland, Oregon-based supplier provides an innovative prying tool for both contractors -and- do-it-yourself consumers. Necessity inspired the invention of its pry bar system, at a job site. Inneffective, prying tools available at this jobsite lead to the idea for the Artillery® Pry Bar System. During its development, in an effort to achieve every feasible prying task the tool could concievably encounter in the field, the company wisely consulted with numerous contractors.  This was useful, as this tool was created during its developmental and testing phases. Those who use this tool confirm it does what it was intended to do: remove whatever it is that needs removing. This is a patented tool; expertly enginerred to be flexible, lightweight, efficient and ergonomic. It is constructed with the finest materials.  The multiple testimonials, at the Artillery website, describe this invention, as a powerful, versatile tool, which alleviates stress and reduces prying time. Flooring contractors eager for an easier way to remove wood flooring should see what this tool can do for them.



Crain Floor Covering Tools:


 Office Contact Information

1155 Wrigley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035

Office Telephone Number: 408-946-6100

Office Fax Number: 408-946-4268

Email Address:



Crain Floor Covering Tools:

 Sales Contact Information

Byron Fulton,

Manufacturer's Sales Representative (Eastern US)  

Darwin Spencer, Jr. ,

Manufacturer's Sales Representative (Midwestern, US)

Mike Drinkard,

Manufacturer's Sales Representative (Western US)


This Milpitas, California-based supplier (USA) provides an assortment of floor covering tools, including pry bars, pull bars and specialty plank floor tools; ideal for pulling, clamping and spacing plank floors.  Included in this assortment are: plank stapling tools, wood roto wedge spacers, hinge board pushers, hardwood pry bars, close-to-wall staple tools, staple set tools, knuckle head pull bars, a variable spacer, plastic spacers, tapping blocks and floor vises.



Formosan United Corporation (FUCO):

Mr. Richard Yang

(Direct Dial: +886-2-26567185)

4F No.15 Lane 28, Sec. 1 Huanshan Rd.,

Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11442

Office Telephone Number: +886-2-2658-7898
Office Fax Number: +886-2-2658-7758

Email Address:


This Neihu District, Taipei City-based supplier (Taiwan), is ranked amongst the largest, world renowned and accredited suppliers in Asia. Established in 1973, as a global provider of do-it-yourself products, the company expanded into different markets by creating 5 subsidiaries to offer a diverse range of products. These products consist of handtools; including pry bars and pull bars, garden tools, bathroom décor, aftermarket automobile spare parts, automobile service tools, and battery applications.  FUCO is the parent company of, FUCO Tools ©, Saniluxe ©, REX Motors ©, Autoservicetools © and HI-PAK ©.   


    General Auto Tools Ltd.:
  Ms. Susan Wang
  Room 635, Central Trade Seat, Da Sha Ni Street, No. 54,

Maoshan Industrial Zone, Yinzhou Area, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, 315000

Phone: 86-574-87176305      

Phone: 86-574-87176385
    MobilePhone: 86-13505749716
    Fax: 86-574-87176373


Listing Link:

Website Link:


This Ningbo, Zhejiang-based supplier (China) is a trade company, which provides specialty tools for manufacturing and processing machinery. The types of tools it provides are for light industry (daily use). It specializes in tools such as pry bars, pull bars and other hardware. Its customer base grew rapidly shortly after it was formed.  It was during this growth period that the company acquired valuable production experience, which contributed measurably to making its production processes efficient ones.  Competitive prices satisfy customers in foriegn and domestic markets; including the Middle East, South America, East Europe, Africa and Asia. 



  Handy Twins International Co Ltd:

Mr. Jerry Chen

No.45, Lane 120, Zhanglu Road, Chang Hua Taiwan 50083

Office Phone: 886-4-7517789

Mobile Phone: 886-933-447143
Fax: 886-4-7516999



This Changhua-based supplier (Taiwan) has more than 15 years of experience in the international tool market.  They believe that a tool is not just a tool.  This has always been its contention and one reason for their success. They believe tools must be crafted for the convenience of those whose everyday livelihoods depend upon them. Committed to both quality and craftsmenship, Handy Twins develops a select diversity of functionally superior products. Their customers, who span the globe, are pleased with its creative, functional tools and its value added services. Instead of presuming that its stock products meet its customer's needs, they invite customers to share feedback. This approach provides insights about how to improve an already superior line of tools.  Their prescient R&D team works closley with its industrious factories to develop products, required for its valued customer projects, at the moment they are needed. 



Hangzhou Kepeng Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd:

Hangzhou Kepeng Hardware Tools Co. Ltd.:

Xu Weifang, Manager of Business Department

Zhang Sharry

No.106, Longshan Road, Meicheng Town, Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (mainland) 311604

Phone: +86-571-64147427
Phone: +86-3588351118

Fax: _______________

Email Address: _________________

Website Address: ____________________


This Hangzhou, Zhejiang-based supplier (China - Mainland), founded in the year 2000, has independent import and export rights to engage in the production and export of screw drivers and tool sets.  Over 90% of their products are exported. The company has a series of automated production machines and more than 100 staff members, including a team of technicians, management personnel and other specialized staff. After several years of development, their products meet European standards. Tools have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East.  The company has attained an ISO90001 international quality system certification, TUV and GS product quality certifications. Located in Xin'an river and Qiandao Lake, next to the HangQian high-speed road and 320 National Road and only 120KM from Hangzhou city, the company is occupies 6000 square meters of space, 4000 square meters of factory space and has a series of automatic lathe and production lines from Taiwan.



Hangzhou Tuofu Industry & Trade Co. Ltd:

Mr. Yinfu Lu

CEO, Business Owner

Tuofu Tools Co., Ltd., Xixi Industrial Area, Longshan, Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, China, 321309

Phone: 0086-579-89298593

Phone: 0086-579-89298596

Fax: 0086-579-89298597



This Yongkang, Zhejiang-based supplier (China) provides specialty hand tools and tool sets such as pry bars, pull bars, stainless steel doors and garden tools.  Its factory is in Yongkang, China's famous hardware capital. Its focus is the production of quality hardware tools.  Markets served are Europe, America, Russia and Japan. 



   Lam-Hammer, Inc.:
Jeff Van Horne

PO Box 877,

Chelan Washington, 98816
Phone: 888-687-2421

Fax: 509-687-8512



This Chelan, Washington-based supplier invented the useful Lam-Hammer; neither a pry bar nor a pull bar but a laminate flooring installation tool. Its creative way around the challenge of installing the last plank in a row is popular with do-it-youself consumers; because it helps them avoid awkwardness and potential for damaging such floors. From experience, do-it-yourself consumers and professional installers are acutely aware of how tricky it is to snap in the last piece either against the wall or under a cabinet. Pry bars and pull bars, conventionally used for the installation of laminate flooring, may pose a risk of damaging the drywall or the toe-kick. This tool helps to avoid expensive repairs, which adds to the cost of a flooring project. Using a pry bar or a pull bar, it is tough to put enough power into the hammer strokes without hitting the wall or cabinitry. The Pullbar also makes 100% contact with the new floor.  There is an added risk of damaging the floor if sand or grit - caught underneath the pull bar - were to accidentally mar the new surface. With the Lam-Hammer, minimal contact with the new floor is made where the stabilizer ring touches the surface. Using a pry bar for laminate flooring installations can be damaging because it has to have contact with the walls in order to provide leverage, which may lead to broken drywall or popping out the screwheads.  The Lam-Hammer requires only 3/16" space between the end of the board and the wall or cupboard.  First, lock in the side; then insert the notched end of this tool between the cut end of the board and the wall.  Hold the handle with one hand and with the other hand, move the slide handle with moderate force away from the wall.  The board should click into place.




 Linyi Guoxin Tools Co. Ltd:
Mr. Angang Li
Business Owner

Bank of Yihe River. Near Linyi Airport & Shubuling Railway Station.

Southeast of Fanyubu Village, Jiuqu Town, Hedong District,

Linyi City, Shandong Province, China (Mainland), 276034

Telephone: 0086-539-8385537
Mobile Phone: 13792968409
Fax: 0086-539-8384988

Email: ________________



 Linyi Guoxin Tools Co. Ltd:

Mr. Li Weiguo

General Manager

Bank of Yihe River. Near Linyi Airport & Shubuling Railway Station.

Southeast of Fanyubu Village, Jiuqu Town, Hedong District,

Linyi City, Shandong Province, China (Mainland), 276034

Telephone: 0086-539-8385537

Mobile Phone: 13792968409
Fax: 0086-539-8384988

Email: ________________



This Linyi City, Shandong-based supplier specilalzes in the production of tools and cutters. Its technical force is equipped with advanced process equipment. Most of its products sell well in the domestic market. Some of its products are exported to countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Its exports are stonemason's chisels, nail rippers and claw bars. Custom orders are achievable after receiving mock ups from prospective customers.



Linyi Weiye Tools Co. Ltd:

Mr. Zhang Wei
Zhangxiefang Village, Jiuqu Town, Zhangxiefang Industrial Park,

Hedong District, Linyihone: 86-18653533777
Fax: City, Shandong Province, China, 276034
Telephone: 86-539-8396667
Mobile P86-539-8396668

Email: ___________________



This Linyi City, Shandong-based supplier has a state-of-the-art factory with 100+ sets of speciality equipment. It employs 300 skilled workers, among whom are a total of 10 mold developers. It develops and produces hardware of drop forging.  Its annual output surpassed 3,000,000 pieces. It received a capital infusion to improve production capacity and build its image.  It optimized its competitiveness by constructing the "Zhenwei" and "Xi" brands.  Its scientific quality management system exacts the strictest product quality control measures. It has recently expanded into export trade; selling its products worldwide. Primary markets served are America, Europe and Japan.



Sepro Tools Co., Ltd:

 Mr. Lyndon Lin
No.101,Gongye 1st Rd.,Tainan 70955,Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-3840977
Fax : 886-6-3840919



This Tainan-based supplier (Taiwan) makes hand tools, auto repair tools, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, pliers, spanners, roll cabinets, torque wrenches and impact sockets.  It specializes in producing hand tools, impact tools and car-repairing tools.  Its successful Seneca line was initially introduced in 1993. Primary export markets are:  America, Mexico, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Lithuania. 


 Shanghai China Mining Co. Ltd:
Mr. Michael Lu
Room 707,No.1188 Lingshi Road, Shanghai, China 200065
Office Phone: 86-21-56060433
Mobile Phone: 13564029881
Fax: 86-21-56054661

Email: _____________________

Website: ___________________


 Shanghai China Mining Co. Ltd:

Sharon Lai

930 Lingshi Road Shanghai 200072 China
Office Phone: 86-21-56056342

Mobile Phone:
Fax: ______________________

Email: _____________________

Website: ___________________


This Shanghai-based supplier (China) is a supplier and leading exporter of hand tools.  It offers its customers thousands of such tools for professional projects and do-it-yourself consumer projects. It also develops custom tool sets. It strives to provide its customers with quality products, superior service and competitive prices.



Shou King Enterprise Co Ltd:
Mr. Lin C. C.
President of Sales

No. 33-12, Lane 320, Sa-Tien Rd., Sec. 1, Ta Tu Dist., Tai Chung, Taiwan 432
Phone: +886 (4) 26934288
Fax: +886 (4) 26934266
E-mail Address:

Listing Link:
      Website Address:


This Tai Chung-based supplier provides precision screwdrivers and tool kits suitable for repairing automobiles, electrical equipment and appliances. Its tools serve both professionals and do-it-yourself consumer hobbyists. Over fifty (50) of its products carry patents, each of which are designed using top-of-the-line CAD/CAM equipment. Its 32+ years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control measures provide its customers with the type of products, which earn repeat business from its satisfied customers and new business from client referrals. It uses AutoCad to create precision designs.  It has ten (10) years of experience in the OEM business and seven (7) years of experience in the ODM business. 



Tanio International Holdings Co. Ltd:

Ms. Wendy
Room No.907, 9th Floor, Chang An International Centre, 218 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China, 210002
Phone: 86-25-84651722

Phone: 86-25-84651729

Fax:  86-25-84651724



This Nanjing-based supplier makes hand tools and power tools.  Primary markets served are Europe, America, Australia, South America and Asia.  Its tools, available at reasonable prices, are designed and packaged to sell. Its tools must pass quality standards tests such as: TUV/GS, ROHS in Europe, UL in the US, SAA in Austrialia and Smark in Argentina.  Passing such stringent tests distinguish its tools as reliable ones.   Its offerings include product and packaging designs, factory and product inspections, fast deliveries and immediate feedback in response to customer claims. 



 U-Port Industrial Co. Ltd:

Ms Liu Tina,

Sales Manager, Marketing,
No. 26, Lane 108 Zhongqing Road, Pei Tun, Tai Chung, Taiwan 40678
Tel: +886 (4) 24250366
Fax: +886 (4) 24250368
E-mail Address(es):   


This Pei Tun, Tai Chung-based supplier (Taiwan) offers speciatly items to quality-sensitive markets. Incorporated in 1989, U-Port Industrial is a comprehensive enterprise; primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of automotive repair tools. Their product range includes power tools, pneumatic tools and hand tools; including pry bars and pull bars. For many years, they have supplied to manufacturers and distributors in the quality-sensitive markets of Western Europe and Japan.  Offering over 1,000 items to choose from, they strive to provide one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the industry. Their current selection includes over 1,000 items and they add 60 new models each year. Their latest products cover hydraulic hand-press tool kits, color-coded pneumatic wrench kits, and PVC-coated sockets which prevent bolt stripping.  OEM, small and mixed orders are welcome.  Prominent companies in Japan come to their experienced R&D team to fulfill their OEM tool needs. They welcome small-volume buyers and take on orders worth at least $5,000. They handle mixed-order requests as well. For their customer's convenience, samples are delivered in just seven days. Contact them today to get your order started. 



Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co.:
Contact: ____________________

11414 Maple Avenue, Hebron, IL, USA 60034
Toll Free: 800-435-6000

Phone: 815-648-2446

Fax: _______________

Email Address ______________
Website (Home): Click Here
Website (Pullbars and Prybars): Click Here


This Hebron, Illinois-based supplier provides, among a vast variety of striking tools for the construction industry, an impressive assortment of pry bars and pull bars; including its Superbar, Hook Flat Bar, Stubby Bar, Mini Bar, Ripping Bar, Nail Puller Bar and Double End Nail Puller.  Their tools are made with the kind attention to detail that is nothing short of exceptional. Five (5) generations of the Vaughan family and the dedicated craftsmen who produce their products care a great deal about the tools that carry the Vaughan name, and the care is obvious.



 W.W. Grainger, Inc.:

Prying Tools:

Contact Person


100 Grainger Parkway, Lake Forest, IL, USA, 60045

14441 Illinois 60, Lake Forest, IL, USA 60045
Toll Free: 847-535-1000

Office Telephone Number: ___________

Office Fax Number: _____________

Email Address: _______________

Website (home page>): Click Here

Website (prying tools page>): Click Here


This Lake Forest, Illinios-based supplier provides an assortment of prying tools for both professional installers and do-it-yourself consumers .



   Yantai IVYS Manufacture Co. Ltd :

Contact ?

NO.8 Jinsheng Industrial Area, ETDZ, 264006, Yantai, China (mainland)
Phone: 86-535-6953276

Phone: 86-(0)13589842548
Fax: 86-535-6939338



This Yantai-based supplier (China) provides both auto body repair tools and equipment such as car lifts, pulling machines, denting tools, pry bars and pull bars.  This supplier primarily serves the following markets: Mainland China, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa.



Caveat: Using pry bars and pull bars, for tasks they were not intended, could damage flooring during installations. Remember the novice who forgets a hammer then controversially resorts to using a screw driver as a hammer. During this ill-advised stunt, the screw driver's handle not so surprisingly shatters from the excessive force because it was not designed for that purpose.  Similarly, the misuse of pry bars or pull bars has inadvertently damaged some types of flooring such as: laminate flooring. 


Most conscientious flooring manufacturers strongly suggest do-it-yourself consumers and professional installers exercise extreme caution when installing laminate flooring in their home, store or facilities.  Remember to use appropriate tools for the laminate flooring installation project. Bring what you need to get the floor down right without damaging it. 



Marketing Update

In order to curb costs, weekend warriors are managing their own flooring projects. Reach out to these do-it-yourselfers with a unique message at local trade shows. These folks need your prybars and pull bars; though just do not know it yet.



Replacing flooring is commonly a challenging task without the right tools. There is a niche marketing opportunity awaiting alert suppliers of fine tools that capitalize on a rising consumer-demand for pry bars, pull bars and many other fine tools.






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