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Cornhenge - Elizabeth Yokel
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial

Amtrack Car Retired - Elizabeth Yokel
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial

Getting to higher and lower ground - Floor Covering Media
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential

Report: Low Density Fibreboard for Flooring - Elizabeth Yokel
News » Flooring Consumer – Commercial

Floorcare tips - Elizabeth Yokel
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential



Concrete Cornfield
Posted on: 08-31-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

  Fields in NW Ohio lie unsown, as they never got the corn seed planted into the soil this year with the wet planting season. Subsequently, one would assume that a healthy stand of corn is not easy to locate in the area, except in Dublin, Ohio. But this is not your usual corn crop. At fi...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial
End of the line for Amtrak's Great Dome Car
Posted on: 08-31-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

Amtrak's Great Dome car, a 1950's-era passenger car and a regular feature during fall foliage season on the Adirondack between Albany and Montreal, has been retired. The two-level passenger car sported a glassed-in upper level stretching the length of it and was the last of a fleet of six bui...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Market Intellica reports on fiberboard
Posted on: 08-06-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

  The Global Global Low Density Fibreboard for Flooring Market Report offers valuable information about market sizes and competitition. The report, sourced from primary and secondary data sources, includes qualitative and quantitative details. Key players profiled in the study include: ...
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News » Marketing Personnel
Mobile and stationary surfaces
Posted on: 07-27-2019 by Floor Covering Media

    This press release is a brief review of mobile and stationary surfaces designed specifically for ascending, lateral and descending foot traffic. While some of these surfaces (staircases for example) have been around for centuries, others are relatively recent developments. &nb...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential
How to care for your floor
Posted on: 07-16-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

  Taking care of hardwood or laminate floors can be challenging given the everyday conditions of a family and pets. Generally, there are two types of residential wood flooring: real wood (solid or engineered) and laminate that is man-made to look like wood. Don’t know what you have...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential



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Test drive the Floor Covering Media advertising managment system; effortlessly tracking advertising response rates of multiple sets of supplied,  advetising material; positioned at specified locations either for the duration of the placement or for specified time periods of the placement duration on demand.  The advertising tracking system is conveniently reached.  Look for the 'My Ad Responses' Profile Page Tab




Media planners tasked to located flooring focused, promotional resources are provided with a unique solution, which assures them that their promotional messages get the attention they deserve, as they are viewed by those exploring the market for flooring.  Let your message align buyers and suppliers at the point of purchase.  Buyers and suppliers could be accommodated on demand at Floor Covering Media.


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Those would-be-buyers, responding to the promotional message, displayed in the advertisement, click on the link in the advertisement, which directs their browsers from the promotional message to the advertiser’s profile page, which is the landing area for respondents; seeking to learn more about: the advertiser, their organization, products, accessories, services, press releases and their external Websites.  The profile page serves those professionals seeking background information.  Post links leading to job campaign portfolios, resumes and cover letters, for those considering a career transition within our industry or those in pursuit of a career change from another industry.  Employers, hiring executives and employment agencies could benefit during candidate searches. 


Linking functionality, from profile page hub, is virtually limitless within the confines of our industry.  Advertisers post internal links on their profile pagefor the purpose of promoting their organization, its image, their family of products and workforce background information.  Internal links redirect browsers from the advertisement through the profile to the documents reached from profile page. External links redirect browsers from the advertisement through profile to Website reached from profile page for the purpose of building additional traffic volume to websites serving our industry.