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Supplier fined for fatality - Elizabeth Yokel
News » Management Personnel

Surface hygiene in a food processing facility - Floor Covering Media
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial

Brands of Robot Vacuum Cleaners - Elizabeth Yokel
Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential

Rio Metrics leads - Floor Covering Media
News » Flooring Consumer – Industrial

Competitors left in the dust - Elizabeth Yokel
Knowledge » Flooring Contractor



Canadian supplier fined for fatality in kiln
Posted on: 01-24-2020 by Elizabeth Yokel

  A flooring manufacturer located in Canada was fined $225,000 after a worker lost his life on the job December 17, 2017.   The worker, who was killed at Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring's Toronto manufacturing facility after being trapped in a wood-drying kiln, suffered severe he...
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News » Management Personnel
Role of Hygiene in Food Processing Facilities
Posted on: 01-18-2020 by Floor Covering Media

  Presenting hazards in a food processing facility require careful selection of surface properties and installation methods especially for flooring. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry encompassing a broad range of facilities, which includes but is not limited to: bakeries, meat p...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Shopping for robot vacuum cleaners?
Posted on: 12-24-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

  Robot vacuum cleaners have arrived. Some people say they're quite functional, save time and keep your surfaces clean. However, which one is best for your unique needs? There are a plethora of alternatives, which makes selecting from the broad range of robot vacuum cleaners see...
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Knowledge » Flooring Consumer – Residential
A new kind of metric system
Posted on: 12-07-2019 by Floor Covering Media

  A world-leader and provider of polymer floor coatings is expanding their offerings with a new innovative tool: Rio-Metrics.     This customer resource management tool can assist business partners, as they stay connected and expand profitability.     What's the...
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News » Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Is there such a thing as dustless tile installation and removal?
Posted on: 12-03-2019 by Elizabeth Yokel

  What flooring contractor wouldn't welcome an effective way to reduce dust during ceramic tile installations and removals?   Imagine being able to remove floor tile not much unlike the way you would remove dirt from a rug with a vaccuum cleaner! Beware of competing copycats. Ask f...
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Knowledge » Flooring Contractor



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