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Wool's opaque fibers are less likely to show dirt
Posted by: Elizabeth1


Do you have something to hide? Your wool carpet does, dirt. Hiding soil is one of the benefits of owning a wool carpet. Wool's opaque fibers are less likely to show dirt compared with other fibers. Light makes dirt difficult to spot.



Another benefit: Wool is a natural fiber. It's sheered from sheep, which protects the animals from the extreme elements. Wool has insulating and cooling properties. Sheeps grow new fleeces. It makes wool a completely renewable, resource. Wool fibers contain the natural protein keratin, which is quite similar though three times finer to hair on a person's scalp.



A blend of nature's ingredients: water, air, grass and sunshine, likely ensure the renewal process of the sheep’s fleece. Unlike certain synthetic fibers, natural wool fibers illustrate the basic fundamental of nature’s ability to renew and sustain. Wool’s story is an extraordinary one: It is a hygroscopic fiber with the capacity to absorb enormous quantities of moisture. Wool absorbs twice as much moisture compared with cotton and thirty times more moisture compared with polyester. Wool’s capacity to absorb moisture makes it less likely to generate static electricity and unpleasant dampness to the skin.



The above translates into less sweat absorbed into the body. Wool has the capacity to absorb odor molecules from sweat that are released only by washing. In stark contrast to many synthetic fibers, wool aids in regulation of body temperature. Wool assists the body in staying warm when the temperature is cold and aids the body cool when the temperature is hot.



The chemical structure of wool makes it less likely to catch fire. It is less susceptible to ignite than most common textiles; used in clothing. Wool provides a generous amount of protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which makes wool an ideal material for carpet and even apparel worn during outdoor activities. When a wool carpet runs its lifecycle, or a wool garment has come to the end of its wear, it can act as organic compost.  Wool rapidly decomposes in the soil and acts as a natural fertilizer by releasing nitrogen-rich nutrients back into the soil.


Research suggests there are therapeutic health benefits of wool textiles. Wool bedding and sleepwear seem to promote a better sleep and sooth certain types of skin ailments. The University of Sydney conducted a study, which revealed that being around wool (carpeting, garments, linens) can increase sleep time, helps fosters sleep onset and may even improve sleep efficiency. The Queensland Institute of Dermatology has a research team studying the healing properties of superfine, merino wool; in the treatment of chronic atopic dermatitis conditions or eczema.



The supply chain involves multiple levels including: wool growers, textile manufacturers apparel designers and flooring suppliers. As the growers work with textile manufacturers, the wool is gradually transformed from sheered raw materials into luxurious yarns, textiles, fabrics and fine flooring.



Worsted and woolen are the two major manufacturing systems. The Worsted method uses the longer fibers to produce finer, smoother yarns fabricated into clothing garments, such as suiting, sportswear, socks and jackets. The woolen method uses shorter fibers than the worsted method to fabricate garments with a fuzzy, raised texture, such as lamb’s wool or Shetland sweaters, coats and tweeds.



Wool has been used in the fabrication of utilitarian garments, such as military uniforms and work wear for three centuries. Wool entered into the spotlight when couturier Madame Coco Chanel brushed aside traditional societal dress codes and designed a dress from wool jersey. 



Just a few decades later, Christian Dior would lead another fashion revolution with the “New Look,” a design that used excessive yardages of wool.  Today, fashion designers select from a range of advanced techniques and innovative treatments that permit the creation of contemporary trend-setting wool apparel from athletic wear to fine suiting. Wool continues to provide fashion designers with a blank canvas from which to create fashionable but sustainable garments.




Perhaps this is why more consumers are becoming reacquainted with the extraordinary benefits of wool for wearing and flooring.





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