The Floor Search  Database is searchable using keywords, such as the:  Company Name, Local City, State or Province. Search results are displayed so Consumers may select Local Retailers who are the closest  in proximity to their residential home, commercial store and  industrial complex. Search PROFILES, DOCUMENTS and BLOG Articles and Comments in response to BLOG Articles of local retailers; using the search box displayed, along with a dropdown window, in the section above.   Consumers identify, locate, contact and conduct business with flooring retailers whose location is most convenient for them.


Network Navigation - Introduction to Our Stuite of Resources!

Conference Call


Flooring Frontier


Your Flagship


Take everything that is known about our industry.  Now imagine it globally interconnected and well informed. Imagine your business achieving new benchmarks, as a result of exploring our industry’s borders.  This is what is strived for at Floor Covering Media.  Browse now where our industry is congregating. Pioneer this virtual road; less traveled.  Preview our menu of connective resources during the floor tour.  Let your browser be your guide, as you scroll down the left hand column of this enlightening site page. 


Floor Tour

Suite of Resources!


Floor Covering Media entitles its members to a suite of resources whose distinctive features and benefits fulfill the stringent demands of discriminating buyers and suppliers. Before test-driving Floor Covering Media, on the information superhighway, tightly fasten your virtual seatbelts and prepare to discover their convenient navigational tools on common ground during a Floor Tour:  


Project Center


Project Center!


Design a new profile all on your own following a series of simple steps.  Or retain the services of a professional designer to create one; strategically suited to design needs at the Project Center. Edit an existing profile all on your own following a series of simple steps.  Or retain the services of a skilled designer to update one; strategically suited to redesign needs at the Project Center. Once a new profile has been designed or once an existing profile has been redesigned, members have full access to functionality including developing new press releases at the Project Center. Reach those buyers in the market to purchase your branded products, services and accessories.  Enhancing an identity and image with a profile makes sense when reaching out to your buyers, suppliers, colleagues and affiliates when conducting business within the Floor Covering Industry.


My Floor Profile


My Floor Profile!


Network professionally, during the course of conducting business in the Floor Covering Industry, with My Floor Profile; an effective yet affordable communication tool designed specifically for the Floor Covering Professional; improving reach and visibility while supporting initiatives promoting companies, products, services, accessories, contributions, skills and individual accomplishments.  Improve probability of reaching buyers and even hiring executives with this innovative resource conveniently accessible by everyone in the Floor Covering Industry.  Depend on My Floor Profile during marketing, merchandising, sales, promotional and even sourcing initiatives.  Spotlight your contributions, skills, accomplishments and professional background during efforts surrounding a work search initiative during the course of launching a job campaign.  Benefit from this resource as an employer during particular searches when actively recruiting talented employees, freelance professionals or contractors during staffing and project initiatives in the Floor Covering Industry.  Empower My Floor Profile to be an affordable asset, your industry identity, image and a useful marketing tool; projecting how your customers perceive your company, its products, services, accessories and your individual skills within the industry when logged on to Our Floor Network.


Our Floor Network!


Our Floor Network!


Link up and channel into Our Floor Network; the engaging marketplace for everyone conducting business within the Floor Covering Industry.  Position an engaging profile on Our Floor Network to enhance the identity and image of a company or individual within the Floor Covering Industry.  This useful marketing tool could be used for professional networking, sourcing, marketing, sales, promotions or securely communicating with key contacts: exclusive to members of your choosing.


Our Floor Forums


Floor Media News!


Contribute and review posts through threads at Our Floor Forums.  Congregate, communicate and convey shared interests with members.  Teach, inspire, think and provoke inspired thought. Introduce hot topics affecting our industry.  Participate in or moderate a chosen discussion group.  Receive needed direction or provide direction to those members seeking guidance and solutions. 






When at Floorpedia, enrich an industry education or contribute to the edification of others within the Floor Covering Industry.  This educational tool supports its growing base of knowledge while enabling users to continue an education at their convenience thanks largely to this educational resource displayed within a customized learning environment.  Inclined to learn more, share and improve current methods of educating the Floor Covering Industry.  Actively support Floorpedia as an avid user, active contributor, supportive advertiser or an example-setting sponsor today.


Floor Search


Floor Search!


Locate people, products, services and resources.  Be located by buyers seeking to purchase your products and services.  Conduct targeted searches when: marketing, promoting, researching, sourcing or selling your products or services.  All members are welcome to conduct searches for suppliers or register as a supplier likely to be found by their prospective buyers: regardless of their position in the chain of supply and demand: spanning upstream from: raw material supplier downstream to: ultimate consumer.


Information Sharing


Information Sharing!


Feverishly feed this Floor Covering Industry information pipeline with your strategic information; supplied in documents; contributed and categorized in one (1) of six (6) information categories: Products, Services, News, Knowledge, Companies / Contacts and Floor Media Vehicles. Reach out to prospects, customers, colleagues, vendors and affiliates with this virtual podium; connecting prospective buyers with their suppliers specifically within the Floor Covering Industry. 


Membership Introduction




Introducing the features, benefits and costs associated with Floor Covering Media Membership.  Much the way that a specialty floor covering retailer strives to optimize the buying experience for prospective Residential/Commercial/Industrial Consumers, as viable alternatives are explored for branded Residential/Commercial/Industrial Flooring Goods, Floor Covering Media strives to provide these consumers, retailers, installers and everyone else actively involved in buying and selling cycles; within the intricate chain of supply and demand within our industry, an enhanced professional networking experience for consumers, as they explore buying options; and suppliers, as they explore options that enabling them to respectively improve chances of influencing buyers; through the use of a uniquely crafted advertising or promotional message; sufficiently compelling to ideally evoke and inspire an immediate buying action or an eventual one, which would depend on the typical length of the sales cycle. 


Membership Features


Added Value


Consumers!  Suppliers!  Appreciate the added value associated with our membership privileges. Those experiencing a mild-to-moderate curiosity stirring within about the potential added value; derived from a Floor Covering Media Membership, consider its various practical applications.  Reach buyers!  Find suppliers!  Be found!  Be discovered!  Enhance visibility!  Attract would be buyers, as they deliberate where to gravitate, when exploring the alternatives in our marketplace.  Make it an effortless task for: Residential/Commercial/Industrial Consumers, as they actively explore alternatives during their search for flooring related: products, accessories, services, news, knowledge, media vehicles, careers, staff searches, outsourcing needs and valuable resources. Consider how these practical applications could support initiatives and contribute to achieving profitable outcomes.


Years were spent developing supportive technology for our industry. Reap those benefits from it, as an active member of Floor Covering Media. Looking to attract new customers and maintain confidence and trust of current ones? This Website was strategically built and tactically designed with these goals in mind. When practicing the art of self-promotion, our resources could prove useful, during the overall effort on your end, to evoke buyer: attention, interest, desire and action.


Membership Benefits


Useful tools


Useful tools provided by Floor Covering Media, could offer members an opportunity to maintain competitive advantage through promotional initiatives.  Enhance visibility with a member profile.  Locate the profiles of other members. Contribute and retrieve information by sharing documents.  Source shared documents, contributed by other members; using our customized, flooring search engine. Floor Covering Media Memberships are affordable and available exclusively for our industry.  Consumers! Professionals! Organizations! Floor Media Vehicles! These are the four (4) eligible, applicant types; each invited to submit their new membership application for review and approval.


Engage receptive buyers; during marketing campaigns, promotional efforts, advertising programs, company sales force initiatives, job campaigns, work searches and all business related activities; each carefully woven and delicately stitched; so they collectively blend seamlessly into the fabric of our tightly knit industry.   Given our ongoing commitment to service our industry exclusively, few would be on the proverbial fence or unconvinced about value of an affordable membership. Those in the know about our industry find real value in an exclusive, flooring-networking-service; largely because of its flooring focus; compared to Professional, Social Networking Websites, catering to general business interests and compared to Personal, Social Networking Websites, recently catering to general business interests, though these sites were initially developed for the Personal Aspect of Social Networking


Floor Covering Media discourages its members from using its resources in pursuits involving the Personal Aspect of Social Networking and that Professional Aspect of Social Networking, unrelated to our industry. Floor Covering Media Membership is an affordably priced, resource; exclusively available to those qualified to join the site as active members; in convenient durations, which would be: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • The Personal Aspect of Social Networking for an Individual furthers such interests.
  • The Professional Aspect of Social Networking for Business furthers such interests.
  • The Professional, Aspect of Social Networking for Flooring furthers such interests.  

Floor Covering Media is for floor networking exclusively.  This means it does not seek to replace other networking sites.  Floor Covering Media seeks to serve, as a component and complement to a chosen a line up of specialty sites; collectively fulfilling your overall Social Networking Needs. 


Membership Application




Floor Covering Media is not recommended, nor is it offered, to those with initiatives or interests, which are clearly, outside the scope of the Floor Covering Industry. These membership perks, for eligible members, are available for careful evaluation and review on Gateway Page and this site page (Ground Floor Page).  Those intrigued with one leg; still on the proverbial fence about committing to a membership, may thoroughly review these two site pages; prior to rendering a decision about applying for membership.  Those that prefer to discuss the eligibility requirements of membership further with an account manager, may submit such requests for applicant support, to this email address: inquiries@floorcoveringmedia.com Visitors seeking additional clarification about membership eligibility requirements should be reminded that eligibility would be limited to:

  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial, Consumer Buyers: exploring market for Flooring Related: Products, Accessories, Services, News, Knowledge and Media Vehicles.
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial, Supplier Sellers: facilitating demand for Flooring Related: Products, Accessories, Services, News, Knowledge and Media Vehicles sought out by Residential/Commercial Consumers.
  • Employers: serving our industry and seeking workforce solutions through the hiring of employees and/or seeking outsourced solutions through the contracting of consultants for the purpose of respectively supporting their organizational initiatives.
  • Candidates: serving our industry and exploring the workforce job market for the purpose of securing gainful employment.
  • Consultants: serving our industry and exploring the contractor job market for the purpose of competitively bidding on those projects put out for bid by employers or clients:

Consumer-applicants.  Be prepared to describe the Residential/Commercial/Industrial Goods sought for the purpose of alerting those qualified, Floor Covering Media Suppliers; Worldwide.


Supplier-applicants.  Be prepared to affirm eligibility by describing the nature of your involvement within our industry (past, present or future) authenticated during application process (1-2 weeks).  Approved applicants receive their Username, Password and Portal ID, which would enable them access to the Member Area and opportunity to take advantage of privileges entitled exclusively to eligible visitors; once the membership application and payment transaction has been approved.


Membership Evaluation




Applicant Types

  1. Consumers
  2. Professionals
  3. Organizations
  4. Floor Media Vehicles

The applicant’s eligibility is evaluated, prior to proceeding with processing their purchase request. Membership Application is supplied in three (3) parts [contact, login and payment information].  During the first eligibility phase, some information is required though other information is optional.  During the second purchase request phase, the balance of information, electively deferred during eligibility phase must be supplied.  Once information required has been supplied, the applicant proceeds with the membership purchase request using their credit card or other payment method. During payment portion of the application, approved applicants are provided an eligibility code, which enables an approved applicant to verify their eligibility and proceed with purchase request.   


Consumer Applicants


Floor Consumers


These applicants are defined as responsible for fueling market demand; purchasing the products, accessories and services for projects covering the residential, commercial and industrial aspects of our industry.




Professional Applicants


Floor Professionals



These applicants are defined as comprising a workforce supporting organizations and initiatives, which provide products, accessories and services for those flooring related projects; respectively covering residential, commercial and industrial aspects of our industry.


Organizational Applicants


Floor Organizations



These applicants are defined as responsible for supplying products, accessories and services for floor related projects; covering the residential, commercial and industrial aspects of our industry.


Floor Media Vehicle Applicants


Floor Media Vehicle Applicants



These applicants are defined as responsible for reporting news, providing commentary, covering events and sharing new developments; pertaining to people, products, accessories and services covering the residential, commercial and industrial aspects of our industry.




Move forward



Approved applicants are provided an email with link transporting browsers to Membership Lobby. Approved applicants determine the duration best suited for their needs at the Membership Lobby.




Appeal Decision


Denied applicants would be permitted to appeal the decision by requesting a review of the denial.  Denied applicants approved on appeal are provided link transporting them to Membership Lobby.




Membership Rates




Paid Memberships are required for those approved applicants, which are outside of the Floor Covering IndustryPromotional memberships (free) are available to those approved applicants; including, but not limited to, those buyers and suppliers, which are within the Floor Covering Industry.


Illustration (Place Memberhip Orders at the Floor Store Page)


Duration Unit Price Automatic Renewal Still Shopping Check Out
Daily $15.00 [Yes] [No] [Add to Cart] [Buy Now]
Weekly $20.00 [Yes] [No] [Add to Cart] [Buy Now]
Monthly $60.00 [Yes] [No] [Add to Cart] [Buy Now]
Quaterly $120.00 [Yes] [No] [Add to Cart] [Buy Now]
Annually $360.00 [Yes] [No] [Add to Cart] [Buy Now]



Membership Payment





Once approved members make a buying commitment and decide a preferred duration best suited for their Floor Covering Media Membership, which could be daily, weekly, quarterly or annually, they would then click on the link, which is provided below, which reaches the Check Out Area at the Transaction Page of the Floor Covering Media E-Commerce System.




Introduction to Your Promotional Opportunities

Network Advertising


Sponsored Advertising

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Display Advertising

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Why Advertise Here?




Attention!  Flooring Advertisers and those who have been chosen to represent them!  When on the lookout for valued venues visited by flooring buyers and suppliers, consider this effective, refreshingly affordable, alternative.  During the months ahead, consider Floor Covering Media for the short list of potential candidates that deliver your message (or your client's message) to it intended target audience. 




Test drive the Floor Covering Media advertising managment system; effortlessly tracking advertising response rates of multiple sets of supplied,  advetising material; positioned at specified locations either for the duration of the placement or for specified time periods of the placement duration on demand.  The advertising tracking system is conveniently reached.  Look for the 'My Ad Responses' Profile Page Tab




Media planners tasked to located flooring focused, promotional resources are provided with a unique solution, which assures them that their promotional messages get the attention they deserve, as they are viewed by those exploring the market for flooring.  Let your message align buyers and suppliers at the point of purchase.  Buyers and suppliers could be accommodated on demand at Floor Covering Media.


Reach Buyers

Reap Rewards


Advertising - Linking, Click-Through and Tracking Reminders


Advertisements are placed in designated areas throughout the Floor Covering Media Website.  Advertisements are empowered with special functionality, which enable would-be-buyers to reach the advertiser profile page, which is the landing area for prospective buyers exploring our market.  The profile page is a hub for linking functionality and response tracking of promotional messages: 

  • Linking Functionality serves to empower browsers of would be buyers, whose curiosity is piqued by the creative, compelling promotional message in Advertiser’s Advertisement, to be transported from that Advertiser’s Advertisement to that Advertiser’s Profile Page.
  • Click-Through Functionality serves to empower browsers of would be buyers, whose curiosity is sustained when visiting the Advertiser’s Profile Page, to click through from the Advertiser’s Profile Page to both their Internal Documents and their External Websites; once the Advertiser placing the Advertisement properly sets up Profile Page to enable links, which ultimately empower the would be buyers to satisfy their sustained curiosity.
  • Response Tracking Functionality serves to empower browsers of member advertisers seeking to measure impact of their advertising message by transporting advertisers from link provided on their Profile Page to area of the site, which would conveniently display a calendar of an advertisement’s Click-Through Activity for the day, week, month and more.

Those would-be-buyers, responding to the promotional message, displayed in the advertisement, click on the link in the advertisement, which directs their browsers from the promotional message to the advertiser’s profile page, which is the landing area for respondents; seeking to learn more about: the advertiser, their organization, products, accessories, services, press releases and their external Websites.  The profile page serves those professionals seeking background information.  Post links leading to job campaign portfolios, resumes and cover letters, for those considering a career transition within our industry or those in pursuit of a career change from another industry.  Employers, hiring executives and employment agencies could benefit during candidate searches. 


Linking functionality, from profile page hub, is virtually limitless within the confines of our industry.  Advertisers post internal links on their profile pagefor the purpose of promoting their organization, its image, their family of products and workforce background information.  Internal links redirect browsers from the advertisement through the profile to the documents reached from profile page. External links redirect browsers from the advertisement through profile to Website reached from profile page for the purpose of building additional traffic volume to websites serving our industry.