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Is Google limiting trade growth?
Posted on: 09-29-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  The DOJ's antitrust case against Alphabet's Google initially filed in 2022 is showing signs of movement before the trial, expected to begin at some point in 2023, as their attorneys present their respective viewpoints in preliminary hearings that focus on the search giant's dominan...

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In The Worx
Posted on: 09-22-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Have you ever considered exploring the ocean floor? The Nemo is a new personal submersible vessel introduced in 2021 by U-Boat Worx. Production of the Nemo is underway. Shipments should start in 2023. The price? A million bucks! However, there is a 40% discount available at the mo...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Posted on: 09-09-2022 by FlooringMedia1

    Hydrail is a term used to describe all forms of rail vehicles, large or small, which use on-board hydrogen fuel as a source of energy to power the traction motors, or the auxiliaries, or both. Hydrail vehicles use the chemical energy of hydrogen for propulsion; either by burnin...

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A prominent topic
Posted on: 08-24-2022 by FlooringMedia1

During a discussion about flooring solutions, some of us experience difficulty when attempting to distinguish key differences between linoleum and vinyl. Each of these surfaces have differences in appearance, care & cleaning, durability & maintenance, cost, lifespan, sizes, resale va...

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Caution: Slippery When Wet
Posted on: 08-12-2022 by FlooringMedia1

    Would you describe the deck surface on your sailboat as unusually slippery? What safety issues does this possible hazard raise for yourself and the crew? How should one deal with the dilemma of slippage on the deck of a sailboat?     These are slippery issues. Im...

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Another price increase?
Posted on: 08-05-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Who can say without deviating from the truth that they don't use the Internet?     Whether it is used for recipes, research, recreation or relaxation after the end of an unusually arduous day at the office, the Internet in this day and age is a basic and essential s...

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Inspiring refined lifestyles
Posted on: 07-25-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Duchateau is a California-based supplier of residential and contract flooring.     The company has hardwood and resilient flooring lines with a European style.        Duchateau's hardwood flooring collections are inspired by natural elements. &nb...

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Why are video platforms so popular?
Posted on: 07-16-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Why are we watching more videos these days? There are a few reasons. There's education, entertainment, news, socializing, tutorials and training. There are probably other reasons as well. Increasingly relying upon video services is quickly becoming a global trend, which would proba...

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Sophisticated Specs?
Posted on: 07-06-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Apple Glasses are rumored to be available to the public in the year 2025.     The operating system? Likely a proprietary one in the final version of iOS 13.     The name? Maybe glassOS. Apple is likely testing activation and application.   Floor Coveri...

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What is Floorigami?
Posted on: 06-27-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Floorigami is a peel and stick strip carpet tile that you could install yourself.     Floorigami's peel and stick strip carpet tiles are safe to install on your floor.     Are you considering a unique type of carpet for your next flooring project?   &...

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Amazon's Strategic Foray
Posted on: 06-14-2022 by Elizabeth1

Amazon opened a brick and mortar apparel store. It's named: Amazon Style.   Where's the store? At The Americana at Brand Mall in Glendale, California.     Apparel displayed in Amazon Style includes QR (Quick Response) codes.     Codes may be scanned. Make...

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wilmington, Delaware
Posted on: 06-01-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Armstrong Flooring Inc. has recently filed for bankruptcy on May 20, 2022.     They're asking to hire Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP, as counsel.      This case will be heard in The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wilmington, Delaware.   Floor Co...

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Design challenges in open spaces
Posted on: 05-24-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Designers face their share of challenges with projects that require creativity.     How should a designer set discernable boundaries in an open office space?     Dividing a floor plan in an open space presents design challenges for offices.     ...

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Knowledge ›› Designer
Is this the first 360 degree rotating bar in NJ?
Posted on: 05-12-2022 by Elizabeth1

The roulette wheel will not be the only thing spinning at Bally’s in Atlantic City.     How so? Bally's is adding an elevated, twenty four-seat rotating Carousel bar.     The bar rotates slowly every ~15 to 20 minutes. So seatbelts aren't required.   ...

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An electric indoor go kart track opens in AC
Posted on: 05-04-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Are you a fan of go kart racing? Planning a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey?     The Raceway at Lucky Snake is a 40,000 sq. ft. indoor electric go kart track.     Share the experience with Italian go kart helmets, equipped with 4k cameras.     ...

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Floor painting
Posted on: 04-28-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Do you have aging flooring and are without the resources for new flooring?     Why even consider a painted floor? It is less costly than replacing your floor. But it isn't for all floors. Is your floor suitable for painting? Do some research. Better Homes and Gardens publi...

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Torn window screen?
Posted on: 04-11-2022 by Elizabeth1

  As the spring season approaches, are you prepared for the warm weather?     Have you cautiously inspected each and every one of the window screens?       Why make inspecting window screens a priority (instead of an afterthought)?     Screen ...

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Next Generation Transit Surface
Posted on: 04-01-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  What’s the best surface for a bus and other types of mass transit vehicles? While some buyers find the standard transit surface an acceptable one, other buyers upgrade. Why pay more? It is an investment in ease of maintenance and safety. It isn't a top coated surface. It's pate...

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Overseas Railroad Project
Posted on: 03-08-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  Remember Henry Morrison Flagler? He was the man who oversaw an ambitious overseas railroad project. It was aptly named the Overseas Railroad, an extention of The Florida East Coast Railway Company. The destination was Key West; originally named after the Havana Cuba neighborhood: Cayo Hues...

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What exactly is a French cleat?
Posted on: 03-07-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  What is a French cleat? These words might sound like a foreign sports shoe.     Is it a specific type of athletic footwear worn in competitive european sports?     No. It has nothing to do with footwear or sports. It is something else, entirely. A French clea...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Contractor
Billion dollar industry within a decade
Posted on: 03-01-2022 by FlooringMedia1

    Serve Robotics is an Uber spinout; a type of corporate realignment involving the separation of a division to form a new independent corporation. A spinout takes with it the operations of the segment including the assets and liabilities.     What does Serve Ro...

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On site or remote inspection?
Posted on: 02-27-2022 by FlooringMedia1

  As a facilities manager, it's a responsible job. But it can be rewarding at times. You're probably faced with making a number of decisions on any given day. Obviously, some of these decisions you make are more important than others.     Few would disagree surfa...

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Tues (2’s) day?
Posted on: 02-02-2022 by Elizabeth1

  Some of us are preparing for a date in February. It is not on Valentines Day.   Is it a blind date? Not entirely. We do know this date is a two-timer (of sorts).     Some of us may be wondering: Why the date deserves any further attention?   Relax. It&r...

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Beautify your balcony
Posted on: 02-01-2022 by Elizabeth1

  A balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of a building. A balcony is supported by walls or console brackets and is enclosed within a balustrade. It's a word with roots: There are the Italian words: Balcone and Scaffold. There are the German words: Balcho, Beam & Balke...

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Film Studio Flooring, Part 3
Posted on: 01-01-2022 by Elizabeth1

    Background noise is likely to present a problem when filming. So acoustical value can be important for film studio flooring. Acoustic flooring possesses a unique capacity to aborb sound. It is not much unlike the way that a sponge absorbs water. Inquire about the NRC rating (Noi...

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