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Search Engine Alternatives?
Posted on: 12-30-2017 by Floor Covering Media


Energy Source Alternatives (Biomass, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Solar, Tidal, Water and Wind) appear to be topics of some interest. Search Engine Alternatives appear to be getting some attention as well at a time when paid search space is continuing to increase. Are the organic search results getting too crowded with sponsors? How does the above affect a publisher's content?



The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base that Google uses to enhance its search engine results with information gathered from a diversity of sources. This information is presented to users in a box located to the right of the search results. Some people are finding that it is scraping away more and more publisher content even to the point where it is almost pointless to click through to a website, which now more than ever, tends to stir increasingly acute feelings of unfairness; over Google's monopoly and tax balance.


As such, some feel that there should be search engine alternatives (SEA's). Some of us are old enough to remember when the share of the search market could be measurably divided between Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and AltaVista. Nowadays, however, you are likely using the internet improperly without Google's obviously dominant search engine. Some people are of the opinion that this radical market share shift -within the search market- should direct our full attention to the viability of alternative, search engines.


Not everyone is ready to concede their careers and daily lives must balance on the fickle algorithm changes made by the world’s most valuable company; from which stems a natural curiosity about what alternative search engines are available and at our service. As a courtesy, readers are provided with a sampling of search engine alternatives listed alphabetically for convenience.


According to Wikipedia, Addictomatic searches the best live sites for the latest news, blogs, videos and images of about a subject matter of your choosing.


Readers may remember Ask Jeeves, but might not be immediately recognize him. Why exactly is that? Take a closer look. Surprised? He is not the Wodehousian butler we recall. Despite this strange makeover, Jeeves is still around waiting to answer your questions. Those who are unhappy with the search results Jeeves provides can direct their attention to the Q&A results on the right hand side. Unlike other search engines, makes good use of the right hand side space and raises the bar for competitors in the process.


It's ranked second in the search market. Though, a distant second (15.8%). Even still, it is clearly an impressive feat against the dominant market leader. How do they do it? Maybe because of its useful video search function with a grid of thumbnails. Play them, preview them, or simply hover over them. Perhaps it is because of its autocomplete suggestions. Other functions are likely to play a part in its successs; such as the one that can accurately predict when airfare prices may rise and fall, which is valuable to those searching for affordable flights. Its linkfromdomain: [site name] highlights the best ranked outgoing links, a feature likely to assist with determining the other sites your chosen site links to the most. It also powers Yahoo's search engine.


If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of a subject with a variety of different points of view away from the major publications, Boardreader is a search tool, which surfaces search results purely from forums, message boards and, of course, Reddit.



Locate copyright free images for your website. Just type your query in then click on your chosen site you want to search.


Dogpile is a curator of search results from different engines, including Google, Yandex and Yahoo, but removes all ads.

This search engine does not retain user's data. It will not track you. It will not manipulate results based on your behavior. Those moderately uncomfortable with Google’s all-seeing, all-knowing eye find this particular search engine an ideal one.



A signature search engine that permits visitors to retrieve search results displayed across these three (3) information categories:


Category (1):

Flooring Profiles: Introductions made by members.


Category (2):

Flooring Updates: Press releases contributed by members.


Category (3):

Flooring Briefs: Blog articles.


A search services that communicated entirely in Gifs.


While Google is improving at answering complicated questions, it does not match the personal touch that Quora provides where an educated community answers questions with replies. Users could search for 'similar inquiries' previously asked.


Useful information sourced from presentations, slide decks, webinars and whatever other events; you might have missed.


This search tool place privacy at the forefront of its priorities. StartPage, formerly Ixquick, was the very first search engine that allow its users to search privately. User details are not stored, not even IP addresses. No cookies are used, except for a single, anonymous cookie used to remember preferences. Prefer “cookie-free”? A URL generator alternative saves your settings. There is a proxy available for those who want to search anonymously and browse the web in FULL privacy.


This particular search tool is the professional’s choice of video-sharing, which has plenty of HD video without advertising.


WolframAlpha is a ‘computational knowledge engine’. It is clever. Ask it to calculate any data or ask it about any fact and it will give you the answer. It computes while it thinks about your answer (it can take a while.) It is NOT always successful. Getting the most out of it takes practice.



A Russian portal, this search tool offers many similar products and services. It is the dominant search engine in Russia. Search results are delivered logically and replete with favicons. For specific inquiries, select one of numerous channels.


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