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A few flooring trends in The Philippines
Posted on: 11-12-2018 by Elizabeth Yokel


Flooring - the foundation of interior design projects - is an important decision. After selecting the type of flooring for the project, select a flooring design. Residential projects could involve multiple rooms (bathroom, entryway, garage, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, etc..). A few ideas:


Hardwood flooring is a favorite. If properly polished and maintained, it is the most beautiful material one can purchase. However, it is not inexpensive. The prices vary on the species. For example, oak, maple, and cherry. Mahogany, teak, and molave are some of the less-pricey locally made varieties. One of the challenges of hardwood is the maintenance. Time goes by and this surface is likely to develop scrapes and dents. Though theses surfaces could be easily refinished.



Engineered wood planks are not real wood planks. They consist of a hardwood core with a layer of hardwood veneer fastened using adhesives at the top surface. One advantage of this material is that it is sturdy and humidity-resistant. Another is that this variety is a less expensive alternative to genuine hardwood floors.



Stone tile is naturally a durable material, more so than ceramic tile. There are a variety of natural stones to choose from, including granite, slate, marble, and travertine with varying levels of durability and porosity. Prior to the point of purchase, please be mindful of the level of care required depending on the stone’s finishes: a polished marble surface scratches and scrapes more visibly than a tumbled surface.



Ceramic tiles share a lot in common with stone tiles. One common difference between the two is the relatively lower price. This surface, a popular flooring material, is commonly used in most homes because of its durability and low maintenance. There is a wide range of ceramic tiles from which to choose. Each of the numerous designs vary in size, color, and finish. The advantage of these are their ease of installation,  everywhere in the house, from the outdoor patio to the bathroom. The disadvantatve of these are the regular maintenance and replacement required, as these chip and scratch over time.



Laminate flooring, a popular material. It is available at affordable price; it is easy to install and its durability is outstanding. This surface is compose of an inner core of either fiberboard,  or resin material, combined with a photo application layer through a lamination process. Laminates are an intriguing affordable alternative to hardwood, ceramics, and stone tile, not the most affordable material. Laminates surfaces are ideal for active families. Beware of its vulnerabity to moisture.





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