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Validating study for Delta Airlines
Posted on: 10-09-2020 by Floor Covering Media


A Harvard study suggests that disinfecting plane cabins is a part of a multi-layered public health risk-reduction strategy, which seems to validate Delta Air Line’s policies already in place.


T.H. Chan School of Public Health reported that airlines should focus cabin cleaning on high-frequency touch surfaces, with systematic disinfection of surfaces between flights on a daily basis. While contaminated surfaces account for ~ 10 percent of COVID-19 transmission risk in certain settings, the study found that diligent cleaning protocols, combined with a number of other strategies provide significant protection for air travelers.


Since the start of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Delta has sanitized every interior surface with electrostatic sprayers prior to boarding, while additionally distributing care kits, hand sanitizer wipes and masks.


A Delta spokes person said: “We don’t know of any other airline leveraging electrostatic spraying on every flight the way Delta is, and based on the products available in the market today, we’re confident it’s the best way to ensure every surface is disinfected,” adding “Our Global Cleanliness division is pushing innovation and driving a standard of cleanliness that is best in class, and research like this shows that we’re focusing on all the right measures.” Delta is notably the first U.S. carrier to offer hand sanitizer stations near the boarding door and bathrooms on all flights, with installations in progress. Delta has collectively instituted over 100 layers of protection from check-in to baggage claim.



Layers of protection include facial coverings required for all passengers, industrial-grade HEPA filters (which cleanse the cabin air), middle seat blocking and limits on the number of travelers per flight.


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