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An intriguing maritime market development
Posted on: 05-04-2020 by Elizabeth Yokel


There are a number of flooring and decking innovations swiftly emerging within the cruise ship and ferry segments of the maritime market. 



For obvious reasons, there is a sharper focus on surface design, vessel safety and the sustainability of those materials sourced for these projects.


If you have not already noticed, Bolidt recently broadened its range of ship deck coverings; the ones for its Bolideck line.



Bolideck LED lighting is aboard the 2,894-passenger TUI Cruises vessel: Mein Schiff 2, in the bar and passenger areas.



It is part of the vessels' floor diamonds artwork that was developed in partnership with ICArt and design studio: SOFTlab.




The novel artwork floor installation required close co-operation between the shipyard Meyer Turku, Bolidt and SPT Finland, while the vessel was under construction at the Finnish yard. The project’s success depended on fitting the LED lighting with the right sequencing and at the optimum time in the production process to enable Bolidt to complete the striking flush decking finish. Interest in Bolideck LED is recently gaining momentum in the market and has been specified for several additional cruise vessel projects. Installations are scheduled at some point next year and the following year.


Designers: Bolideck LED offers a degree of flexibility in a wide range of formats. Integrate it within a larger deck space or deck design, or create functional features in sports courts or exits. Program the deck lighting to create different patterns, vary the intensity of the LEDs or hide the light, which adds the freedom of expression for cruise ship interior designers.



LEDs make great safety enhancements. All of these functions can be seamlessly integrated with other systems on board.



Bolideck LED was developed inhouse at the company’s research and development center as a way of fostering innovation during uncertain times.



Gerflor's Streamo line is ideal for cruise and ferry passengers. Recent Gerflor projects include but are not limited to: Mustay Karim Russian river cruise ship, the new LNG-powered ferry for Brittany ferries, Ultramar’s two latest fast ferries and MSC Grandiosa.


Streamo's karavel luxury vinyl tiles offer a range of wood and mineral designs; plus, other designs in more than 60 colors.


Streamo is ideal for marine vessels with patented surface treatment, decorative luxury vinyl tiles and additional finishes and accessories (skirtings, stair nosings etc). Wall protection, entrance matting and tools needed for optimal installation are also available. An expansion is underway. Look for an IMO adhesive, a new non-directional homogeneous flooring and a rubber studded tile.

Gerfloor's processes in the passenger ship industry are following a trend of sustainability in line with their commitment to sustainable development and a focus on innovative solutions. Ask for pre-cut pieces for all crew cabins, which enables their customers to facilitate the installation process. Also, this saves time, reduces cost and significantly minimizes waste.

Gerflor is forging links between onshore and maritime flooring with their internal group studio design, bring more designs while bridging the gap between land-based and marine surfaces so that the passengers and the crew feel more at home.


Sika recently launched a visco-elastic technology, VEM X, used for damping structure-borne noise; a one-component polymer modified cementitious product with identical product damping characteristics as polyurethane-based products. With few if any dangerous goods to transfer (chemically based Polyurethane-based products must be delivered to special waste stations), it is likely to simplify shipyard deliveries. 


Sika patents Sikafloor Marine VEM X and is in the process of phasing out its and replacing its polyurethane-based PU-Red solution. VEM is a green solution; while some organizations have used PU, it's no longer welcome in the industry. VEM X is a one-component, elastic cementitious compound with a comparable acoustic performance. It is faster to install. Raw materials are less expensive. The waste? Just a paper bag (not metal). It's an affordably priced, quickly intallable, easy to service, sustainable solution.


Sika also has a complete product line of artificial teak exterior floors and interior decorative floors constructed from resin, recently installed on the passenger tourist ship Enhydra in San Francisco with Canada-headquartered A&A Installations. Other projects include cruise ships, which are under construction at Meyer Turku. The resin exterior artificial floors offer faster application than PVC or wood, as there are no joints in between.



Also, the continuous waterproof membrane can be used as a levelling compound. Sika has many designs and colors, which provides designers with the freedom to design logos and cutting planes. Combine the colors, which were tested for over 5,000 hours: encouraging stability.





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