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Fugitive dust?
Posted on: 01-01-2022 by Floor Covering Media


What makes dust so unpredictable? Especially during cold winter months, dust charged with static electricity occasionally finds an escape route out of the dustpan regardless of how vigilant your efforts are to contain it during the cleaning task. People who know something about dealing with dust during cleaning may recall the moments you were feeling confident. You were certain that you've trapped the dust in the dustpan only discover much to your surprise that the static electricity came to its aid and unexpectedly freed it from captivity; unleashing it back onto the floor. Chasing after dust isn't fun.



Repetitive cleaning tasks can be unrewarding and even a bit frustrating. Debris and dust does begin to build up quickly. Remember: That's life! Occasionally, all of us need to be reminded our home is not a museum. Somehow, we learn how to manage our expectations with respect to cleanliness. Sadly, the floor doesn't stay clean forever; not even a few days.



Some of us can live with a little dust in the family. But what about when you're expecting company and the invited guests are the kind of people who are likely to notice and make irritating comments about the dust they've noticed on the floor? Why care? You don't but you must in order to keep the peace. You find the time to clean the floor even though there is a lot on your mind.


As you reach for the dustpan and brush set hanging on the wall, you may be wondering 'Why haven't I bought a better dustpan?' Silly question! right? You're planning an event, you're busy and forget about it after you're done dusting. It's a fleeting thought. Unfortunately, after you've moved on to the next task, such types of thoughts are easy to forget and difficult to remember.



Out of sight. Out of mind. Add it to the shopping list. Get a good one this time. Look for a dustpan with an efficient brush; not another brush that continues to frustrate you, each and every time that it fails to sweep up all of the dirt and dust. This time, don’t buy another dustpan and brush set with bad bristles that leave debris trapped under the lip of the dustpan. Sure you saved some money at the time but at what cost? You're feeling miserable as you realize with each cleaning task the additional time it requires to finish what should be an easy job. An affordable yet ineffective brush and dustpan set could turn a 5-minute job into a 20-minute ordeal; chasing that frustrating line of dirt. You're fed up and at this point you're starting to recognize that your time is valuable. Is it time to replace your dustpan and brush set with a better one?



Stooping dustpans are handheld and usually used with a broom or a brush. But they require bending to the ground. Not an exceptionally flexible person? Not a problem! It's not so uncommon. You might prefer a standing dustpan:




The standing dustpan above lets you dust while standing without stooping.



What are the most popular types of dustpans? Today, there are a diversity of dustpans for residential, commercial and industrial surfaces available for consumers, businesses and facilities. Learn more or start shopping right now:



Getting started: The following images are links to webpages about dustpans.



OXO Good Grips Compact Dustpan and Brush Set


Quickie 429 Flip-Lock Dust Pan & Lobby Long Handle,

Upright Broom and Dustpan Set, 1-Pack, Grey & Blue



Rubbermaid Commercial Dustpans



Once you’ve bought the ideal dustpan and brush set, dampen the dustpan. Don’t soak it. Dry dust under the influence of static electricity tends to travel in and out of the dustpan. Light moisture in the dustpan grounds traveling dust. It is an easy, inexpensive solution. After you’ve finished dusting, empty the dust you’ve collected in the garbage. Some dust can cling to the dustpan. Don’t try removing it with a cloth. It’s a lot of work. Hold the dustpan under the faucet. Watch the clingy dust rinse off the dustpan and circle down the drain and out of your life. You’ve solved a problem and while cleaning the dustpan.


Some people may have noticed that the brush used for the dustpan rarely needs cleaning. Why is this not a coincidence? The outer part of the dustpan has these comb-like ridges that efficiently clean the broom’s bristles for you with each and every sweep. Few would dispute that dustpans have proven to be quite useful devices when tidying up at home, the office and the facility.



The person who invented the dustpan certainly deserves some recognition. Who invented the dustpan? There were two people actually. T.E. McNeill was approved for a dustpan patent in 1897. Lloyd Ray (born in 1860) was also approved for a dustpan patent in 1897, the same year as McNeill. However, according to at least one of our three sources (Wikipedia), McNeill invented his dustpan in 1858; which was two years before the birth of Lloyd Ray in 1860. If our sources are reliable and if the historical records kept at the time are accuate, it would certainly appear that McNeill invented the first dustpan.


McNeill curiously took 39 years to patent his dustpan invention (1858-1897); this was mysteriously the same year that Ray was approved for his patent. Maybe the timing of the patents is a conincidence. Perhaps there's more to it!





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