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Film Studio Flooring, Part 1
Posted on: 01-01-2022 by Elizabeth Yokel


Why do we love watching movies? They provide us with a pleasant distraction or at the very least an entertaining one. Some allow us to develop our imaginations. Others let us escape from reality, even if it's for a brief moment.



Most of us like what we see, hear and feel in movies that we watch; sometimes more than once. They allow us to live vicariously through the lives of movie characters. Movies, especially the ones shot in scenic areas, offer grateful viewers a unique opportunty. Call it an enriching, picturesque illusion of travel without having to get your passport stamped at airport customs; and without worrying about the planning, packing, transport arrangements and lodging accommocations, which are typically associated with actual traveling.



An exceptionally shot movie could make imaginative viewers feel as though they have traveled to this part of the world. The benefit is highly regarded, especially by viewers who may never get to visit the places that they've seen.



As viewers are entertained, they usually attempt to hold their thoughts in abeyance about what's happening back stage. They're otherwise engaged. Doing this is easier for people who are not in the business of producing films.



Obviously, viewers with movie production backgrounds are more likely to notice specific details otherwise lost on viewers with backgrounds unrelated to movie production, as they may not be entirely unfamiliar with all the minutiae.



Regardless, some of us are curious about what we don't see in the movies. We have a few questions for the professionals: Who's behind the camera? What gear is required during the movie production? What production activities are essential? In addition to the acting cast, what other types of support staff are considered necessary during the critical transition from script to screen?



What particular types of flooring are required for the set during the production of a movie? The question sounds strange. Why? Likely because flooring isn't a prominent thought, at least for viewers. But does this necessarily mean that flooring is not an important structural component during the production of a movie? It may be surprising to know the opposite happens to be the case.



Anybody, who is actively involved in the production of a film, is likely to confirm that flooring is an essential component. Not just any type of flooring will suffice for movie production. It must be in strict compliance with durability requirements. Further, it cannot appear unsightly to the discriminating eye. Asking for an aesthetically appealing surface tough enough to take a tremendous amount of punishement during film production clearly isn't a common combination of attributes. Film studio flooring is a niche industry.



Question: What particular type of flooring is simultaneously weight bearing, dent resistent, durable and also pleasing to the eye? That would be film studio flooring, one of the numerous types of industrial flooring. It seems just another pretty face at first glance. Though, a closer inspection reveals a resilience to an inordinate amount of wear. Sadly, this isn't a frequently discussed subject.



Tragically, with few exceptions, most of the media doesn't really have much of a motivation to feature industrial flooring. Perhaps it is the lackluster appeal to the mass market. Categorizing media coverage on the topic of industrial flooring as scant is inarguably an understatement. This media coverage presents a compelling opportunity for curious studio owners to proactively acquaint themselves with a number of useful ways to properly address these plausible production issues on the set, prior to their unwelcomed arrival.




Being adequately prepared for an emergency is likely to make a difference; certainly in the expense of solving a problem. Would it benefit studio owners (or the people who report to them) to learn something not only valuable but useful about the industrial flooring brands? Perhaps so! Remember that these products are uniquely capable of addressing future, flooring related problems.



Lets move the spotlight from the performing actors in the foreground to the flooring in the background of a set, the proverbial bedrock of the film industry.



Consider this a pedestrian topic? Most do. However, studio owners are not most people. Unfortunately, this particular type of industrial flooring is usually taken for granted until some problem surfaces on the set during production.






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