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Changing landscape of Vancouver's waterfront
Posted on: 12-12-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Shigeru Ban unveils interiors for "world's tallest" hybrid timber tower in Vancouver. These new images offer a glimpse inside Japanese architect Shigeru Ban's Terrace House for Vancouver, set to become the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world once complete.  ...

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News ›› Architect
An unexpected discovery at a Flintshire Church
Posted on: 12-11-2017 by Elizabeth1

    Intricate Victorian mosaic floor tiles have been uncovered during £190,000 renovation work at a Flintshire church.     Contractors restored the tiles at St Michael's Church, Caerwys, after many became dislodged when a 40-year-old carpet was lifted near the alte...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
The horrors of hazing on your hardwood floor!
Posted on: 11-28-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Not all cleaning products are easily removable from your hardwood flooring.   What recourse does a homeowner have when cleaning products leave more than just an unfavorable impression? Below are links to a number of articles, forums, and a video about what to do when faced wit...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Manhattan Makeover
Posted on: 11-08-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Mesmerized with the subject of architecture and design and raised in one of Germany's wine regions along the idyllic Rhine river, Dorothee Junkin's keen eye and sense of style appear to be the key elements in her Brooklyn-based studio DJDS, which redesigned a loft apartment's interior in...

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News ›› Designer
Web designers working on a tight budget can turn to these useful resources
Posted on: 11-07-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  If a picture is really worth a thousand words, does it mean that words are a form of currency? A thought provoking question, especially for writers. During the design of a website, there are essential elements. Words are one of them.     Another is imagery. Great image...

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Knowledge ›› Designer
See through bridge attracts tourist attention
Posted on: 10-23-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  A group of tourists pose for their photo before crossing a transparent bridge.     China's glass-bottomed walkway was built over a raging river, 328-metre-long (1,076 feet). The Shapotou Suspension Bridge was open to the public July 31, 2017. The location of this see throug...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Helena Montana: Count on Black Dog to get it down right the first time
Posted on: 10-17-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Residents and business owners serving The Greater Helena Montana area with a need for hardwood flooring installation, sanding and refinishing can count on Black Dog Flooring. Contact them today. Schedule a free estimate:     Black Dog Flooring, LLC Rob Tesch PO Box 13...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
When is wood the right floor to recommend?
Posted on: 10-14-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Does recommending wood flooring present design dilemmas? This timeless type of flooring is trending again within the world of interior design, depite its pricey-ness if that is even a word. Following this trend requires deciding on many variables. Wood tones are an important one, thoug...

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Knowledge ›› Designer
Chattanooga, Tennesee based Tricycle acquired by Shaw Industries
Posted on: 10-12-2017 by FlooringMedia1

     Shaw Industries Group, Inc. announced today that it has purchased Tricycle, Inc., the Chattanooga-based provider of digital carpet samples and floor covering tools. Shaw, the nation's biggest carpet maker based in Dalton, Ga., said the acquisition will enable Shaw's comme...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
The return of Wallpaper?
Posted on: 10-11-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Is wallpaper an interior finish falling in and out of favor with current trends? While some believe so, does it stop the pace of innovation? Does this favor contrain the inspiration of the creative designer?  Hardly. In fact, it actually encourages inspiration. Truly inspired desi...

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Knowledge ›› Designer
A bit of good news for the jobless in England
Posted on: 09-30-2017 by FlooringMedia1

    According to Karen Hambridge of The Hinkley Times, UK Flooring Direct relocated to Hinkley Commercial Park, now home to England's largest online flooring retailer since the business has relocated from Nuneaton.   The Hinkley location is off the A5. After several years ...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Retirement Announcement
Posted on: 09-21-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Barbara decided to retire early according to Premiere Finishing and Coating. Her last day is Friday, September 22, 2017. Accepted by Duke Divinity Seminary school, she is pursuing an education and hopes to be a Hospital Chaplain one day. As one, it will allow her to be with her mom mor...

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News ›› Flooring Retailer
Looking for work in Concord, North Carolina? Read this!
Posted on: 09-20-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Guess who's hiring? Haines, the largest floor covering distributor in the United States of America. Did you know that they plan to open a distribution center in Concord, North Carolina. The facility will serve as their southern hub, a facility that houses all of their flooring, installa...

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News ›› Flooring Distributor
Notice the tectonic shift towards electric tech?
Posted on: 09-08-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Remember when fossil fuel was the only source of fuel that powered cars, trucks, UTV's, trains and equipment? This was before the recent momentum in electric tech. While diesel fuel, natural gas, methanol and refined oil still remain viable fuel sources, a tectonic shift in the chang...

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Knowledge ›› Tech Personnel
Nora's comfortable surfaces for surgical staff
Posted on: 08-29-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Nora Rubber Flooring Systems is helping hospitals ensure surgical teams and nursing staff with an ergonomic working environment.     Healthcare facilities are high-stress environments. The staff are on their feet for extended hours every day throughout the workweek. Exten...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
TLS Handshake
Posted on: 08-24-2017 by FlooringMedia1

    The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Handshake Protocol is responsible for the authentication and key exchange necessary to establish or resume secure sessions. When establishing a secure session, the Handshake Protocol manages the following:   1.) Cipher suite negotia...

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Knowledge ›› Tech Personnel
Look for the milk bottle on the roof of LaRocco Flooring Coverings
Posted on: 07-31-2017 by Elizabeth1

  John and Suzie LaRocco's flooring business, LaRocco Floor Coverings was formed in 1976. This was same year that The United States of America was celebrating its bicentential. One of LaRocco Floor Coverings two locations at 1615 Franklin Street in Michigan City is difficult to overlook. L...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Pet friendly flooring
Posted on: 07-29-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Are you searching for flooring? Do you have pets? Not a problem. Really!   There is no longer a need to let your furry friends unnecessarily, influence your buying decisions. Premium flooring materials today are not what they were years ago. A new generation of advanced floori...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
QY Research report: State of flooring industry
Posted on: 07-25-2017 by Elizabeth1

    Some of us rely on key pieces of data to make strategic marketing decisions.   This report offers the latest data covering the state of this niche marketplace including global market forecasts useful for analysts, industry executives, consultants, sales managers, product m...

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News ›› Marketing Personnel
An enviable Nob Hill property is on the market
Posted on: 07-22-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Nob Hill! Recognize the name? It is an upscale San Francisco, California neighborhood centered on the intersection of California Street and Powell Street. One of San Francisco's 44 hills and one of its original seven hills, prior to the 1850s, Nob Hill was once called California Hill. ...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Is your garage floor deteriorating?
Posted on: 07-12-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Settled soil and added moisture stress a concrete slab and can cause cracks   Poor installation is likely one of the reasons that concete garage floors crack. How does this happen? Some homebuilders fail to compact the soil in the garage area prior to pouring the floor. Builders ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Ideal for a popular grey exterior color scheme
Posted on: 07-08-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Introducing Duradek's Ultra Arctic Quartz and reintroducing 'QUARTZ' as a brand new line of their Ultra vinyl membranes. Arctic is a strking, dynamic texture of multi-tonal off-white and greys; for a unique, inspiring new option likely to fill market demands for the popular grey ex...

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News ›› Designer
Consumer reports about flooring with the help of Mintel's 2016 report on residential flooring
Posted on: 06-30-2017 by FlooringMedia1

  Results are in: According to market-research firm Mintel’s 2016 report on residential flooring, hardwood flooring appears to be America’s hard-surface flooring of choice, which has outsold vinyl, porcelain tile and other flooring.     Hardwood flooring is n...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
HFS is considered one of the most trusted hardwood flooring retailers in Southern Ontario
Posted on: 06-23-2017 by FlooringMedia1

    One of Southern Ontario’s most trusted, hardwood flooring retailers has recently launched a website for those in the market for hardwood flooring, which is a one-stop-shop for those shopping online for this type of flooring.   “With the HFSPremium website, ...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
FM Approval for an ignitable liquid drainage floor technology
Posted on: 06-21-2017 by Elizabeth1

  Houston-based Safespill Systems received the first-ever FM Approval for its Ignitable Liquid Drainage Floor Technology following a rigorous testing period. Safespill Systems offers a unique, innovative flooring solution for the containment and removal of environmentally hazardous an...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial


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