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Top Mops
Posted on: 10-29-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  What are these strange and wonderful objects? They're certainly a great gift. This is a useful invention. It does the mopping for you. But how? Is it magic? Not exactly! You may have recently read something about these types of helpful devices. What are they called? There are ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
A trifecta of benefits
Posted on: 10-10-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can deliver a trifecta of benefits for commercial clients: design, durability and ease of maintenance.      HOT PRESS METHOD     What's NOT to like about LVT? Unlike other flooring materials, it picturesquely reflects the appeara...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
Fowl play?
Posted on: 10-03-2021 by Elizabeth1

  A crisis was averted at Atlantic City Airport. I am grateful to the pilot and the crew whose actions that evening in my opinion were nothing short of heroic.     On October 2, 2021, I arrived on time and boarded Sprirt Airlines flight 737. This flight was departin...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Reserve yours
Posted on: 09-21-2021 by Elizabeth1

  Nourison's Reserve is a new collection of high-end, handmade area rugs sold exclusively through authorized dealers that offer higher-end products.     The line is a carefully curated one. It is a selection that contains many of Nourison’s best-quality handmade rugs suc...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Why not let your curiosity get the best of you?
Posted on: 09-07-2021 by Elizabeth1

  Looking for a pool or hot tub? Why not let your curiosity get the best of you?     Pools and hot tubs do take up a bit of space. Solution? Traversable covers!       Get youself a hot tub with a remotely controlled, weight bearing astroturf lid.  ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Construction trades for flooring contractors
Posted on: 09-03-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Flooring contractors: Is business slower than expected? Are you considering the possibility of expanding the services that your organization provides? Below are a number of construction trades; some may be a stretch for flooring contractors. Others, however, may be less so. You be ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Contractor
Are you fully prepared for an emergency?
Posted on: 08-27-2021 by Elizabeth1

  Feeling hesitant to connect with people outside your social circle during the pandemic? It might be your survival instincts.     Many people are spending more time at home during the pandemic for obvious reasons. What is the impact of this trend?     During pe...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Is AIP really selling AHF Products?
Posted on: 08-16-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  American Industrial Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, could actually be considering a sale of AHF Products. There have been whispers about the buyout firm working with an adviser on an auction that could value the Mountville, Pennsylvania-based flooring maker at as m...

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News ›› Executive Personnel
Ocean plastic rescued and recycled
Posted on: 08-04-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Flooring Superstore is expanding its sustainable line of rugs and runners made from recycled t-shirts to include a new range of eco-friendly carpets manufactured from plastic rescued from the ocean.           The offering is in line with the mul...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Samsung's AI powered robotic vacuum cleaner
Posted on: 07-15-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Like cleaning floors? No? Not a surprise! Imagine a floor that cleans itself. We're not there yet but getting closer.     Samsung Electronics introduces an AI-powered robot vacuum that can sense when, where and how to get the job done.       It is a re...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
A must read for Virginia job seekers
Posted on: 07-14-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Looking for work? A supplier of hardwood flooring will be creating 58 new jobs in Patrick County, Virginia. Which supplier? Canadian-based Prolam LLC; the company plans to invest over twelve million dollars in Patrick County for the purpose of establishing its first manufacturing ope...

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News ›› Cargo and Freight Transporter
Australian surface infestation
Posted on: 07-08-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Mice. They're everywhere. Clearly there's a mouse plague in Australia and some believe that this surface infestation has reached biblical proportions.     Millions of these creatures are scurrying across the southeastern part of the country and have already consumed clos...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Victoria acquires Cali Bamboo Holdings
Posted on: 06-24-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  The Victoria Flooring Group continues the growth of its distribution network with the acquisition of distributor Cali Bamboo Holdings. According to sources, the price of the acquisition was $76.1 million. How was the purchase funded? Cash reserves!   The AIM-listed group belie...

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News ›› Executive Personnel
Search engine of choice
Posted on: 06-19-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Obviously, there weren't search engines during the 1970's. Any phrase with the word engine was typically a mechanical reference. Few of us who are old enough to remember are unlikely to disagree that searching for specific answers to questions was an arduous undertaking during the ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Interior Design Trends
Posted on: 06-12-2021 by Elizabeth1

  Denmark has hosted its share of famous furniture and interior designers. Remember the innovative, futuristic designs of the visionary Verner Panton? There were a variety of materials he sourced for his memorable, trend setting designs; each of which were richly displayed in vibrant and...

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Knowledge ›› Designer
The Brain
Posted on: 05-13-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Is the brain the most complex organ in the body? As far as we know. Is it really true that people are capable of using only a small percentage of their brain? Some say so. Others however say no. Few of us would dispute that there is great deal about the human brain that sti...

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Knowledge ›› Executive Personnel
The Nobel of Architecture
Posted on: 05-11-2021 by FlooringMedia1

    What's the Pritzker Prize? It is considered the Nobel Prize of architecture. The laureates awarded the 2021 Pritzker Prize?     French architects Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal; who earned the highest honor in their field for achieving feats of restorative...

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News ›› Architect
What inside your home is making you sneeze?
Posted on: 05-07-2021 by Elizabeth1

  It's a simple question. The answer? Not as simple! Suffering from allergies? Challenged to find out what is in the materials used for flooring?     When direct answers aren't available, it's time to look elsewhere. What's a good starting point? Finding the source: dust. ...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
NHL buys C&F
Posted on: 04-25-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Leeds-based private equity investor, Endless LLP, has completed the sale of Carpet & Flooring (Trading) Limited (C&F). The buyer? Nestware Holdings Limited (NHL). NHL is part of Meditor Holdings Limited (MHL), the owner of Carpetright (a flooring retailer) and FlooringSupplies.c...

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News ›› Executive Personnel
Dealing with dampness
Posted on: 04-25-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  Setcrete is sharing valuable information for flooring installers: common reasons why flooring installation typically fails when using floor levelling compounds and adhesives during the course of installing carpet, resilient and hardwood floors. The most common cause of flooring...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Installer
Making cleaning a good habit
Posted on: 04-12-2021 by Elizabeth1

Freshening up your living space? Getting started may be the most challenging part for some of us; though not all of us. The task may at first glance seem overwhelming; seem being the operative word. Below are a few cleaning suggestions for those of us who may be reluctant or otherwise di...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Corner of Broadway and West 93rd Street
Posted on: 04-08-2021 by Elizabeth1

  Renderings reveal ODA Architecture‘s 2505 Broadway, a 19-story residential building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Depicted are upper and ground-floor levels of the structure topped out at the corner of Broadway and West 93rd Street. ODA is also designing the interiors...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
NeoCon update
Posted on: 04-07-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  While NeoCon won’t resume in-person programming until October, the trade show has announced that it will host a lineup of talks and panels on the theme of “Designing Well” on April 21 and 22.     Speakers include Maya Bird-Murphy, founder and execut...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
Exhausting dilemma
Posted on: 03-08-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  The recent rhodium shortage requires reviewing platinum mining trends, in South Africa, where 80% of platinum is mined.     Rhodium is the byproduct of platinum production. Ore extracted from the South African platinum mines is not all platinum. It is actually a comb...

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News ›› Component Manufacturer
Getting fleeced
Posted on: 03-03-2021 by FlooringMedia1

  A wild sheep named Baarack suffered under the weight of an overgrown fleece that was overdue for a good shearing.     Baarack was eventually rescued and relieved of the fleece that weighed in at almost half the weight of an adult kangaroo. Baarack's rescuers found the sh...

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