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Out with it
Posted on: 04-04-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Alright. You're covered inside. But what about outside? Look out the window. What are you envisioning for your property?     Perhaps a deck. Why not? It's a natural look. Maintenance is a breeze. Materials? There's the natural wood plank option.     Though the...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Expressing appreciation
Posted on: 03-30-2020 by Elizabeth1

  A flooring contractor in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania generously donated food for the healthcare workers employed at Geisinger Holy Spirit. "I was actually in there twice in the last month, emergency room staff was wonderful," according to Shannon Baker of Baker Epoxy Coating...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
Surface safety precautions
Posted on: 03-29-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  A few suggestions for safer surfaces: Focus on the entrances and exits.     Another area of interest are surface transitions; where the type of flooring changes. Mats are useful for the handicapped, individuals recovering from temporary injuries or anyone challenged...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
Coping with the risk of exposure
Posted on: 03-24-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  What's a home? It's supposed to be a safe haven. It could be a place to relax. It should provide an environment for unwinding after the workday. It can offer shelter. It might be a space for rest and recuperation from illnesses.     About the virus: There is the illnes...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
What is the pendulum test?
Posted on: 03-19-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Slips. It's not a pleasant topic. However, it's an important one. This is a subject that inarguably deserves our attention. Business owners concerned about accountability are likely to share a legitimate concern: liability.     Slips could be a common cause of injur...

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A type of plank you won't mind walking
Posted on: 02-21-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Shopping for new flooring. What type? There are quite a few alternatives. Surface coverings may include area rugs, carpet, ceramic tile, concrete, hardwood, laminate, leather, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile and others; each with distinct benefits and limitations. One of these othe...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
A solution for uneven surfaces
Posted on: 02-11-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Few if any would dispute the argument that the proper flooring material is critical for a commercial or residential property.   Project managers faced with surfaces that are uneven or covered in minute particles are likely to realize that without the proper preparations, such ma...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Commercial
Is Axminster Carpets in dire need of a rescue?
Posted on: 02-06-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Axminster Carpets is in rescue talks with potential buyers. According to Sky News, the 265-year-old royal warrant holder filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators on Wednesday. Jonathan Young, its managing director, said that he was "encouraged by the level of int...

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News ›› Executive Personnel
Treatment and detergent aids in slip prevention
Posted on: 01-30-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Madison Chemical introduces ProClean Floor Defense, a dual-purpose, quat-containing floor treatment and detergent, which helps to prevent slippery floors and assist in cleaning. Available in a powder form, it also helps to control odors in situations where food product falls onto t...

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News ›› Management Personnel
Canadian supplier fined for fatality in kiln
Posted on: 01-24-2020 by Elizabeth1

  A flooring manufacturer located in Canada was fined $225,000 after a worker lost his life on the job December 17, 2017.   The worker, who was killed at Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring's Toronto manufacturing facility after being trapped in a wood-drying kiln, suffered severe he...

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News ›› Management Personnel
Role of Hygiene in Food Processing Facilities
Posted on: 01-18-2020 by FlooringMedia1

  Presenting hazards in a food processing facility require careful selection of surface properties and installation methods especially for flooring. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry encompassing a broad range of facilities, which includes but is not limited to: bakeries, meat p...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Shopping for robot vacuum cleaners?
Posted on: 12-24-2019 by Elizabeth1

  Robot vacuum cleaners have arrived. Some people say they're quite functional, save time and keep your surfaces clean. However, which one is best for your unique needs? There are a plethora of alternatives, which makes selecting from the broad range of robot vacuum cleaners see...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
A new kind of metric system
Posted on: 12-07-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  A world-leader and provider of polymer floor coatings is expanding their offerings with a new innovative tool: Rio-Metrics.     This customer resource management tool can assist business partners, as they stay connected and expand profitability.     What's the...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Is there such a thing as dustless tile installation and removal?
Posted on: 12-03-2019 by Elizabeth1

  What flooring contractor wouldn't welcome an effective way to reduce dust during ceramic tile installations and removals?   Imagine being able to remove floor tile not much unlike the way you would remove dirt from a rug with a vaccuum cleaner! Beware of competing copycats. Ask f...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Contractor
For those with an adoration for the outdoors and an understandable appreciation of privacy
Posted on: 11-22-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  There is not much to dislike about Casa MM. First, this rural courtyard home was made in a contemporary interpretation. The southwestern side opens to the countryside. As for the other three sides of this dwelling, thick walls create privacy. The exterior includes an entran...

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Knowledge ›› Architect
Face it
Posted on: 11-13-2019 by Elizabeth1

  The quality of laminate flooring has improved measurably since it was introduced. Its surging growth in popularity might be attributed to an ease of installation and maintenance, especially during a comparison with more traditional surfaces. Readers, on a budget, building or remodel...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Filth filters
Posted on: 11-01-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  So you are a facility manager, concerned with your carbon footprint, searching for materials that do not negatively impact your resources while ultimately improving the quality of an indoor environment. And you tread carefully and cautiously, when wading into the figura...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Why are owners of aging apartment buildings so concerned about magnesite?
Posted on: 10-23-2019 by Elizabeth1

  It would seem that as governments and the building industry continue to focus on managing combustible cladding issues, there is yet another crisis looming over the use of a flooring material known as magnesite, some experts are warning. Potentially affecting tens of thousands of apartm...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
Art Deco Skyscraper gets a makeover
Posted on: 10-09-2019 by Elizabeth1

  Remember your last trip to The Empire State Building? You may not recognize the observation deck on the 102nd floor. Curious? Aren't we all! It's open to the public, or at least will be soon. When? This Saturday, October 12, 2019.         Floor Covering...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Tallest apartment building?
Posted on: 09-19-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  The top floor of the tallest apartment building in the world is likely to change your perspective of city life, though it is at a price that few of us could afford. The apartment building’s 179 apartments will be starting at a cool $7 million for a two-bedroom unit and climb as h...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Residential
A new type of safety flooring
Posted on: 09-16-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  First Mats, an industrial health and safety mat supplier, added a new type of safety flooring to their family of rubber matting. It's studded Rubber Flooring, a durable alternative for newer and older buildings. Property managers are likely to find value in this product, which protect...

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News ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Concrete Cornfield
Posted on: 08-31-2019 by Elizabeth1

  Fields in NW Ohio lie unsown, as they never got the corn seed planted into the soil this year with the wet planting season. Subsequently, one would assume that a healthy stand of corn is not easy to locate in the area, except in Dublin, Ohio. But this is not your usual corn crop. At fi...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
End of the line for Amtrak's Great Dome Car
Posted on: 08-31-2019 by Elizabeth1

Amtrak's Great Dome car, a 1950's-era passenger car and a regular feature during fall foliage season on the Adirondack between Albany and Montreal, has been retired. The two-level passenger car sported a glassed-in upper level stretching the length of it and was the last of a fleet of six bui...

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Knowledge ›› Flooring Consumer – Industrial
Market Intellica reports on fiberboard
Posted on: 08-06-2019 by Elizabeth1

  The Global Low Density Fiberboard for Flooring Market Report offers some valuable information about market sizes and competitition. The report, sourced from primary and secondary data sources, includes qualitative and quantitative details.   Key players profiled in the study inc...

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News ›› Marketing Personnel
Mobile and stationary surfaces
Posted on: 07-27-2019 by FlooringMedia1

  Lets review the mobile and stationary surfaces designed for ascending, lateral and descending foot traffic. Some of such surfaces -staircases as an example- have been around for centuries; though others are relatively recent developments. Mobile surfaces such as elevators and escalato...

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