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Modular Sets



System tools come in sets, which can be customized into any combination of parts. Each set includes an informative demonstration video with assembly instructions and owner's manual with safety procedures, suggested usage tips and details on the twelve month manufacturer’s warranty. Individual bars can be customized and ordered separately. Replacement parts are available for all assembliesModular System Components are interchangeable, connectable and replaceable. Item weights listed are approximate.  The Mini Head will fit all handles, but will accept only the Mini Blade.  For safety purposes, the handles will not connect to each other. However, all handles will fit the solid alloy tool steel 12” extension (H-EX-12).


Contractor Set 


Disaster Restoration Set 


Flooring Set 


Contractor Starter Set 


Professional Set 



Homeowners Set 




Blades, Scrapers, & Pullers 


Blades are engineered for durability & fashioned from drop forged spring steel for strength & flexibility.  An assortment of specialized blades enable the worker to quickly switch from one task to the next. For instance, he or she could surgically remove sensitive trim & fascia with the Salvage Blade, then switch to the Decking Blade and the Decking Fulcrum to remove lathe and plaster, finally switching to the 6” Scraper to remove linoleum


Tapered ¾” Blade 


Standard 1¾” Blade 


Standard 3” Blade 


Mini 1¾” Blade 


Spike Puller Blade 


Finish Nail & Staple Blade 


Scraping 6” Blade 


Deck Blade 


Roofing 8” Blade 


Salvage Blade 




Fulcrums, Heads & Fasteners




Fulcrums offer a secure mount to blades & handles & are made of extruded aircraft aluminum for reduced weight. Special purpose fulcrums change the radius & operating angle for a more suitable range of motion, placing appropriate force at the proper angle for best results. For prying, the interchangeability of blades adds to the effectiveness of the tool for specific uses. For scraping, when a blade is attached to a fulcrum, the two points of contact give the user more control over the angle of operation


Standard Fulcrum 


Mini Fulcrum 


Decking Fulcrum 


Fulcrum Extension 


Fulcrum Ext Bolt 


Blade Fasteners (6) 


Mini Head 



 Rebar Bender Head 


Buried Nail Head 


Toe Kick 



Handles, Grip & Cap


Handles are either made of fiberglass manufactured in America or with medium carbon steel tubing for lightweight tensile strength. Our 12" extension handle is made of tempered 4140 tool steel. Handle lengths were designed for maximum leverage to weight ratios. For instance, longer steel handles add weight & length for easier removal of flooring, whereas shorter handles or the fiberglass handle offer agility & less weight when working overhead. 




 Handle Steel 15” 


Mallet Bolt 


Ball Grip & Cap 


Handle Steel 25” 


Handle Fiberglass 25” 


Handle Fiberglass 13”  


Cases & Tools 


The Portable Artillery System is delivered in a convenient carrying case made to hold all of its available offerings with the exception of the Rebar Bender Head.  The case does not hold every piece at the same time.  For example, the 25" steel handle and the 25" fiberglass handle cannot be in the case simultaneously.


Contractor Case  


Professional Case 



 Wrench 10” Adjustable 

Screwdriver #4 Phillips 



Pry Bar Assemblies

Artillery 40” Decking Bar 


Ultra Light Mini 31” Bar 


Mini Head 21” Bar 


Mini Head 31” Bar


Standard 24” Bar


Standard 34” Bar 


Artillery 46” Bar 



17” Buried Nail Bar  



Artillery 39” Rebar Bender