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Spotlight Series: Flooring contractors arm their crews with versatile, adaptable demolition tools
Posted on: 05-19-2014 by Elizabeth Yokel





Hi. My name is Elizabeth Yokel. I am the publisher of Floor Covering Media. The following is the first segment of our spotlight series on demolition tools, which focuses on flooring removal specialists; the customers they serve and demolition tool suppliers that serve their crews so they can get the job done.



Business owners and homeowners are turning to specialty service providers;

whose tools of choice -used to get the job done- are versatile and adaptable.


What is the Spotlight Series?


Business owners and do-it-yourself homeowners are learning about demolition tools best for tearing out flooring faster and easier in the spotlight series for flooring removal specialists; growing in popularity among those who are in the market for demolition tools. What they are learning is the right demolition tools dramatically cut the time it takes to tear out the flooring that must be removed.


Floor Covering Media's popular public search engine: is one of many search tools for general searches; though it is one of a only few search tools for flooring-specific searches. Learn all about the best demolition tools for your flooring project. Demolition tool suppliers want to help you get the demolition part of the project out of the way and get to installing the flooring faster. Questions? Ask them HERE.


Business owners and homeowners preoccupied with pressing issues have a staggering number of uncertainties -to worry about- on any given day. Because of this, they welcome and are receptive to those creative solutions that are most likely to support them, as they cope with uncertainties they face.



While few of us look forward to removing flooring from a business or a home, many of us are greatful for the service providers that specialize in this task. Mahtomedi, Minnesota-based, Flooring Removal Inc. has a track record of satisfied customers; who happily refer them to business colleagues, friends, family members and others who are in the market for their specialty services.


The company's crew removes interior surfaces; swiftly, cleanly and affordably. The company's owners care as much about a project as their customers do! Those open to outsourcing the removal of flooring with discretionary funding in the budget to do so may contact the company for an affordable quote to dispense with this part of a flooring project. Few dispute removing surfaces, which must be replaced, is unpleasant, messy and problematic. Fortunately, Flooring Removal Inc. does the job few look forward to at an affordable price.



Business owners and homeowners, located in Mahtomedi, Minnesota and vicinity who are in the market for flooring removal services are likely to rely on Flooring Removal Inc, a licensed, bonded, insured and an 'EPA Lead Safe' certified firm (License #NAT-1156703-1).


Flooring Removal Inc. removes commercial flooring and residential flooring. Typical projects -that the company gets involved with- include: Restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, banks, schools, office buildings, multi-housing, manufacturing facilities, churches, warehouses, garages, hospitals, houses, basements, apartments, and other residential homes.



Flooring Removal Inc. has an arsenal of demolition tools to remove flooring. The right tools are essential to the company's success; they find time to buy the best tools, ideal for their line of work. Because the company is responsible for arming the crew with more versatile and adaptable tools, they try to avoid reaching for less versatile and adaptable tools; even if they cost less money.


When faced with 'not-so-easy' demolition tasks, they recognize an added value to arming their crews with versatile, adaptable, durable demolition tools; preferably ones in their very own carrying case, so crews are unlikely to misplace or lose the multiple parts. The company saves money on labor costs by investing in more versatile, adaptable, durable tools; that are worth the price tag, because they practically pay for themselves after the first few jobs.


Tools are important to improve a crew's efficiency. So it was decided to publish a spotlight series that focuses on demolition tools. The first segment below introduces a duo of fine tool makers; one located on the east coast, the other located on the west coast. Each of these tool makers provides practical solutions for demolition crews; tasked to tear out interior and exterior flooring.




We begin this series with a segment on prybars; one of many tools, flooring contractors require for demolition tasks, on the jobsite. During the job, demolition tasks are probably the least glorious and sought-after of the tasks that flooring contractors must perform. Crew leaders delegating demolition tasks are well served to equip their crew with the right tools for the demolition portion of the job. The less time, that the crew spends on the tear-out portion of the project, the less money it costs contractors to remove the flooring.



WHaTS this?


Our first supplier is a creative inventor of an environmentally friendly prybar. Woodstock, Vermont-based Wheeled Hand Tool Systems (WHaTS), a division of Eco Systems, Inc., was founded in 1978 by Gerry Hawkes as a small research and development company; dedicated to devising solutions, which reduce human impact on the environment. The above wheeled pry bar is a double pry bar system with double leverage handles; that takes advantage of an ideal fulcrum provided by a wheel and axle. It consists of: 1 universal frame; 1 short, stainless steel axle; a single flat proof wheel; a pair of pry bars in the front; and a pair of high handles in the back; plus 2 lynch pins; 2 bolts with wing nuts and 2 quick release detent pins which come with their associated components.



The single wheel allows the wheeled pry bar to be maneuvered and tilted to align the paired pry bars with rocks, logs or debris to be levered.  The wheel also acts as an excellent, well positioned fulcrum that is always present and will not slip out from under the lever. 



With the two high handles in the rear, the user can utilize full body weight for levering while maintaining stability and reducing upper body bending.  The double pry bars provide 2 point lifting on objects so they are far less likely to slip to one side.  Objects may even be lifted and maneuvered while resting on the paired pry bars.



For moving large objects short distances, WHaTS rolling levers with two wheels provide more stability, however the two wheel configuration is not as versatile for aligning the pry bars with jumbled rocks and debris.  Thus it is recommended that objects in jumbled piles be levered up and maneuvered into alignment with WHaTS wheeled pry bars then moved short distances with WHaTS rolling levers. For moving larger loads longer distances WHaTS rock & debris haulers work best. 



Our next supplier provides business owners and homeowners with a versatile, adaptable demolition tool. A premium prybar system equipped with an arsenal of accessories is packed in a convenient carrying case that permits users to conveniently change its shape for multiple tasks. Could your pry bar do this?



Tigard, Oregan-based, Artillery Tools was founded by an inventive tool maker; who developed a versatile, adaptable prybar system; designed with flooring contractors in mind. Flooring contractors that decide to arm their crews with the Artillery Prybar system are likely to feel empowered; that they can achieve even the most stubborn demolition tasks.



Flooring Removal specialists that are interested in learning more about the Artillery Tools prybar system, who are not convinced of its value, should reach out to the company's satisfied customers. Click here to review one of the videos; posted not by Artillery Tools but by one of their satisfied customers. Customer Joel Bennett demonstrates: Deconstruction with the Artillery Tools.



Gerald Toppen, Owner of Vancouver, Washington-based ServiceMASTER, recently remarked that "Artillery Tools makes one of the best demolition tools on the market"; a opinion that carries some weight and likely to leverage the future buying decisons of the other ServiceMASTER owners and tool buyers.



Artillery Tools is a versatile and adaptable pry bar system, which empowers crews to remove even the most stubborn surfaces, which must be replaced. Artillery Tools gets the job done in a fraction of the time it would take for crews to do the same job with the bargain pry bars. Click here for a demonstration.




Carpet pads


Flooring Staples






Roofing Staples



Tac strips



Mud Set

Glued Carpet

Unglued Carpet 




Abatement Contractors
Building Contractors

Business Owners

Concrete Contractors

Demolition Contractors

Disaster Specialists

Flooring Contractors

General Contractors

Homeowners, Families
Re-Modeling Contractors
Restoration Specialists
Roofing Contractors
Siding Contractors 




The Artillery Tools pry bar system is a versatile and adaptable tool that serves commercial and residential users. In fact, their homeowners kit was ranked by Popular Mechanics as one of the top twelve tools of choice, back in the year 2008, according to MSN. The homeowners kit is ideal for the weekend warrior, which stocks a limited amount of accessories for basic and essential solutions. 


Popular Mechanics is not the only media coverage Artillery Tools has received. Professional pry bar systems for skilled contractors faced with demolition projects that require additional accessories have been covered in the media as well by Floor Covering Media, Gear Patrol and Cool Tools. The professional kits are even more versatile and adaptable for the stubborn surface areas; that need to be removed.



On March 1, 2013, the company's flooring profile was published. Click here.



On June 02, 2013, a press release was published: Buried Nail Head.


On May 02, 2013, a press release was published: Ultimate Flooring Bar.


On February 5, 2013, a report listing was published: FloorCraft Report.


On February 4, 2013, a special report was published: FloorCraft Report.



On September 19, 2013, an article was published: 10th Anniversary.


On June 27, 2013, an article was published: PuroClean Show Preview.


On June 02, 2013, an article was published: 2013 Crawford Show Recap.


On March 27, 2013, an article was published: Flooring Contractors / DYI.



On July 21, 2011, Artillery Tools was published in Gear Patrol.




On July 20, 2011, Artillery Tools was published in Cool Tools.


The components of the Artillery Tools Pry Bar System are meticulously arranged in carrying case; to ensure against misplacing the component parts at the jobsite, which allows contractors to conveniently change the shape and function of the tool for specific tasks. The Homeowner's Kit is the most basic system available. Customers are encouraged to consider the larger sets that are available. These combine multiple handle lengths and blade widths with an interchangeable fulcrum, which assemble into a premium demolition tool kit capable of tearing out, ripping out and prying up carpet pads, nails, flooring staples, roofing staples, tack strips, vinyl tiles, glued carpet, breaking up ceramics, tearing out wood flooring and more.



Joe Skach, Inventor

Artillery Pry Bar System



In 2014, the company plans to introduce new flooring tools into their bull pen of demolition tools. One is called the scraping fulcrum. The other is called the double-toe kick. Look for future media coverage on these flooring tools later in the year when Artillery Tools launches their redesigned website.


In 2014, the prybar's inventor demonstrated how the Artillery Pry Bar System saves flooring contractors time and money at a number of trade shows; including the: DKI Insights Show; held in Indian Wells, California on February 10th and 11th; followed by the RIA Leadership Summit; held in Orlando Florida on April 9-11 (the company's first RIA Show) and the PuroClean Show; held in Louisville Kentucky on May 7-9; Artillery Tools exhibited at the PuroClean Show last year, as well.



Look for Artilley Tools, as they (defiantly) return to: The Crawford Contractor Connection Show; held in New Orleans Louisiana. The show dates spans from June 9-13, according to show management (see logo above). However, the exposition portion of the show is not as long. Click here to learn more about show dates for those interested in attending the exposition and, when at the exposition, seeing a demonstration of the Artillery Tools System.



Flooring contractors in New Orleans, Louisianna, attending the Contractor Connection Conference & Exposition, are likely to benefit from visiting the Artilley Tools exhibit booth. Watch a demonstration of this prybar's versatility and adaptability for demolition projects. 


Learn about Artillery Tools' Prybar System by visiting their Flooring Profile, at the Floor Covering Media network, or visit their newly redesigned website, which makes purchasing their line of tools and accessories a snap for the flooring contractor.


Click here to learn about how satisfied customers -like Joel Bennett- are using the Artillery Pry Bar System to work more efficiently. Flooring contractors face some jobs that require a destructive mindset. After using the Artillery Pry Bar System, common crow bars are likely to get pushed to the back of the tool box.



This concludes the first segment of spotlight series for flooring contractors on demolition tools about pry bars. Click here to review a growing list of prybar suppliers. If you are supplier of pry bars and missing from this list, send me an email with a link to your website.







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